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Is it time to shut down the OC Board of Education?

Posted by Thomas Gordon on May 30, 2012


Have you ever stopped to think about all the redundancy in the educational system?

US Department of Education, California Department of Education, Orange County Board of Education and 28 local school districts/Boards just in Orange County alone.

Is it all really necessary?

Does it really help the children?

With all the talk about local control, charter schools and voucher programs, what if we dissolved the OC Board of Education and distributed their 214 Million annual budget among the 28 local school districts in Orange County?


6 Responses to “Is it time to shut down the OC Board of Education?”

  1. Dan Chmielewski said

    seems redundant

  2. Allan Bartlett said

    It wouldn’t hurt.

  3. Unaccountable said

    Public education needs to be privatized. All of it.

    • Dan Chmielewski said

      No it doesn’t; it would be more expensive that way. No unfunded federal mandates. There are plenty of private schools out there for anyone to send their kids to if they want. A well-educated workforce is important to the state’s economic future.

      • the runt said

        agreed, however the complete elimination of the OC Board of Education could bring a much needed shot in the arm to the finances of the indivdual schools and their teachers.. which would give you a well educated work force..

  4. In business, mergers and acquisitions take place because there are synergies and savings that are derived in addition to combining strengths.
    There are tremendous benefits in integrating functions.

    The same concept could be applied to: Combining Firefighting; Police & Law Enforcement; etc.

    1) Centralized Shared Services (one payroll department; one HR dept; one purchasing dept; one payables dept); One Chief Executive not several; One board not several boards etc.
    2) Eliminate redundancies & duplication.
    3) One set of standardized regulations vs many sets on non-standard regulations.
    4) Less agencies / districts therefore; hopefully, less regulations.
    5) Integrated IT system
    6) Pay for one one integrated audit; vs paying for several separate audits

    COMBINED Strengths:
    1) Keep and leverage the stronger and more capable managers
    2) Combine Talents
    3) Combine core competencies
    4) Increase outreach

    Francisco “Paco” Barragan
    For State Assembly – 69th AD
    Accountant, Auditor, Business, Veterans and Community Leader

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