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Live from OCGOP Central Committee: Efforts to Remove Deborah Pauly as 1st Vice Chair

Posted by Chris Nguyen on May 21, 2012

Republican Party of Orange County Central Committee Meeting, May 21, 2012, Irvine Hyatt

Republican Party of Orange County Central Committee Meeting, May 21, 2012, Irvine Hyatt

The Republican Party of Orange County Central Committee meeting started shortly after 7 PM. After the invocation, the Pledge of Allegiance, the swearing-in of several new alternates, a resolution was brought up at 7:30 PM in memory of OCGOP Chairman Emeritus Tom Fuentes, who passed away on Friday. The Fuentes memorial resolution was adopted unanimously.

Then, there were some brief remarks about the OCGOP Flag Day celebration and a description of the state of the 74th Assembly District race between Assemblyman Allan Mansoor (R-Costa Mesa) and Councilwoman Leslie Daigle (R-Newport Beach).

The Pauly Removal Motion

At 7:47 PM, OCGOP Chairman Scott Baugh brought the motion to remove Villa Park Councilwoman Deborah Pauly from her post as First Vice Chair of the OCGOP.

He cited Youth Associates deciding to stop participating due to their discomfort with Pauly’s criticisms of the Party.

He cited Pauly’s allegations of corruption against Baugh. He said he should be removed if this is true.

He stated Pauly is divisive at a time when Republicans need to be united against Democrats.

He cited her use of the OCGOP First Vice Chair title as misrepresenting her as speaking for the OCGOP.

He cited her “Tweets of vulgarity” as unbecoming of the First Vice Chair of the OCGOP.

He cited a need for a smooth-running, unified party.

Baugh then recused himself from presiding as maker of the motion. Pauly was also recused as subject of the motion. Then, 2nd Vice Chair Mary Young became presiding officer.

Dean Grose was ruled out of order for attempting to refer the matter to Ethics Committee.

Orange City Councilman Fred Whitaker, Pauly’s predecessor as First Vice Chair, seconded the Baugh motion. Whitaker stated Vice Chairs should not distract from the Party and its campaigns. He always saw the First Vice Chair’s role as being a “supporting actor” in the Party.

Parliamentary Procedure

At 8 PM, Young asked Parliamentarian Kermit Marsh for clarification on the motion. Marsh stated it would require an absolute majority of all members; any absent members would have their votes sought by mail, with mail ballots returned within 10 days.

Marsh, who is also Ethics Committee Chair, noted he had not received an Ethics complaint against Pauly, and there was only the motion to remove at this point.

Marsh stated Robert’s Rules dictated that each side in favor and against of the motion should have alternating speakers and that Pauly should be allowed to speak in her own defense without being counted in the alternating speaker sequence.

At 8:07, Pauly opted to defer her remarks to the end, wanting to hear what others had to say first.

Speakers Debate the Motion

At 8:09, Lynn Schott was concerned that this was the first she heard of this motion so soon after the death of Tom Fuentes. She urged to delay until after the election to avoid interfering with the supervisorial election.

At 8:10, Fullerton Councilman Bruce Whitaker urged “victory through unity.” He noted the disruptions led by Gil Ferguson against Fuentes and argued Fuentes was able to deal with Ferguson and his allies without removing anyone. He urged the OCGOP to not take action that could interfere with the supervisorial election.

At 8:12, there was an arcane parliamentary procedure discussion that concluded Baugh and Fred Whitaker were the first two speakers in favor of the removal and Schott and Bruce Whitaker were the first two speakers against removal.

At 8:14, Huntington Beach Councilman Matt Harper spoke of his situation when he was YRFC Chair and had a Vice Chair from another faction, which distracted from the group’s efforts to grow the Republican Party and advance its candidates.

At 8:15, Dean Grose stated there were no complaints from Youth Associates. He questioned the timing, believing it could affect the supervisorial race. He complained of the circular firing squad and the need of Republicans to battle Democrats.

At 8:18, Fred Ameri spoke of being Tom Fuentes’s business partner for 17 years. He spoke of Fuentes being a man of action who sought to grow the party. He said there was too much time being spent on the distractions from Pauly. Ameri called on Pauly to resign to spare the time and controversy.

Pauly Speaks

At 8:22, Pauly declared this the funny season of politics. Citing Baugh’s allegations that she was misusing her title, she stated Baugh had actively campaigned and raised money for her supervisorial opponent (Todd Spitzer). She said it was his right, and there was no need to remove him (and implicitly no need to remove her). She spoke of her disgust that the Youth Associates were dragged into this, particularly since she knew of no complaints from them.

She spoke of having only missed one Central Committee meeting in 5.5 years. She spoke of her concern at the shrinking of the Republican Party, as Republicans registered No Party Preference. She spoke of her time volunteering to grow the party, including registering new voters on a near-daily basis.

She said it was her responsibility to represent not just the Central Committee to the public, but the public to the Central Committee. She stated Baugh was seeking to “do away with” her using the supervisorial race, as she stated he was already attempting to find a way to remove her.

Pauly stated on May 31 (the day the mail ballots for her removal were due), that Spitzer would send out a hit piece about her Republican peers removing her.

She questioned who would count the ballots on the vote to remove her.

She said she would never leave the Republican Party, as she is a true believer in the principles of the party.

She said she first ran for Central Committee to reform the corruption she saw in the party, specifically citing Mike Carona.

She cited Daigle and Spitzer’s 3%@50 votes.

She said Fuentes told her that the Chair and First Vice Chair should meet regularly. She said when she arranged her first meeting with Baugh, he berated her for everything she’d done wrong.

Pauly stated the effort to remove her was solely to provide Spitzer with a June 1 hit piece, just before the June 5 election for Supervisor.

She stated this effort to remove her should be properly noticed for the June Central Committee meeting.

Pauly stated there is right and wrong, and that this is wrong.

Baugh Speaks on the Motion

At 8:36, Baugh asked Spitzer if he would use this removal in a hit piece, and Spitzer pledged he would “not spend one red cent” on this.

Baugh then stated he had been urged to bring this motion thrice before.

He then stated that he would be out of the country in June, the Central Committee is dark in July, and August was election season again. He stated that’s why he brought the motion in May.

He made the distinction that Spitzer did not know about the true cost of 3%@50 when he voted and now apologizes for it while Daigle knew the true cost and continues to lie about her votes.

Baugh stated that there is nothing wrong with disagreement and competition, but that it is wrong to make provocative and incendiary statements that embarrass the party.

He said the motion is to prevent a house divided, not divided on ideas but divided on personality.

Parliamentary Questions

At 8:43, Matt Harper asked to extend the balloting period to June 6 to avoid interfering with the election. Marsh said the by-laws require exactly 10 days.

At 8:44, Fred Whitaker asked if the 10 day period applied to those present and voting. Marsh said it only applies to physically absent people whose alternates were not present.

Marsh stated Secretary Zonya Townsend and Sergeant at Arms Norm Dickinson would be responsible for counting the ballots.

At 8:46, a question was asked if minutes could be provided to absent voters. It was pointed out that minutes report actions not quotes.

At 8:47, Matt Harper asked if it was 10 calendar days or 10 business days. It was quickly ruled (while both sides shouted) that it was 10 calendar days.

At 8:48, Pauly asked to speak to rebut Baugh. Young refused.

Pauly then asked for a roll call vote.

Pauly then stated she could battle Democrats’ accusations of the GOP’s war on women.

She asked who would be next after her for removal.

She said she has not used her OCGOP title to run for Supervisor while Spitzer had used his former Assemblyman title.

Young and Pauly fought back and forth about whether Pauly was out of order, but was able to get the remarks above out.

A Central Committee member shouted out calling for a roll call vote. Young rejected the proposal because the motion was made with the expectation of written ballots.


At 8:53, voting began.

At 9:14, Young asked for the remaining two voters to cast their ballots: Westminster Councilman Tyler Diep and Deborah Pauly herself.

At 9:16, Young declared the balloting closed.

At 9:19, Rhonda Rohrabacher spoke about precinct walking opportunities to help Allan Mansoor and using smartphone apps for precinct walking.

At 9:20, US Senate candidate Greg Conlon spoke about how “vulnerable” Dianne Feinstein is and that Republicans will gain the Senate. He stated he believed that Feinstein would resign rather than be in a minority. He stated Jerry Brown would then appoint Gavin Newsom to the Senate. Conlon spoke of his previous candidacy as the Republican Nominee for State Treasurer in 2002. He stated he was sending 1,000,000 pieces of mail and has residual name ID from 2002.

At 9:24, Walter H. Myers III spoke of the American Dream Outreach Committee’s efforts to attract more voters to the Republican Party. Myers spoke of the committee’s presence at the Black April commemoration in Little Saigon. Myers spoke of the committee’s presence at the Taiwanese Heritage event. Myers spoke of the committee’s presence at the Israel Expo. He credited Mark Cohen and Deborah Pauly for organizing these. Chandra Chell, Dean Grose, Craig Alexander, Emily Sanford, Cuong Cao, and a couple names I didn’t catch (sorry, readers).


At 9:28, the votes were announced.

Out of 71 members, 66 votes were cast. 5 will need to be mailed.

47 votes to remove, 16 votes against removing, 1 abstention.


At 9:29, Pauly said she had no report but was honored to have served as First Vice Chair.

At 9:30, Young reported 5,000 Republican voter registrations.

At 9:32, Townsend reported Dianna Gadberry was the OCGOP Volunteer of the Month.

111 Responses to “Live from OCGOP Central Committee: Efforts to Remove Deborah Pauly as 1st Vice Chair”

  1. Francis said

    Thank you Chris!!

  2. Connor Duckworth said

    if only this was video taped…

    • OC Insider said

      Good point…whatever happened to the streaming video that was once provided of these meetings by the “now tech savvy” GOP? This is not hard.

  3. Allen Wilsonj said

    14 Days before a Primary Election and this happens. It is no wonder why the GOP is in an awful mess of a party. Internal feuds really hurts the people you need in the party. The last thing we need is to scare anyone off to the cliff.

    • Dean Grose said

      Allen … this was the issue in my mind. The Central Committee was sworn in Jan. 2011 for two years; Pauly was elected 1st VP at that time. If there were issues, why now? They say it wasn’t political … it doesn’t pass the smell test.

      • The timing here looks really bad. I would have thought that the local party wanted to attract Tea Party, 912 and other volunteers to campaign for Allan Mansoor right now. Instead, they are turning off the voters who really like Deb Pauly’s stands on the issues.

  4. At 8:36, Baugh asked Spitzer if he would use this removal in a hit piece, and Spitzer pledged he would “not spend one red cent” on this.
    Of course not, some IE will pick it up and do it.

    • Nan said

      Spitzer and Baugh are full of crap, they are in bed together and this is all about a hit piece. Todd has been running scared since Pauly entered the race for Supervisor and will stoop as low as a snake in the grass to trash Pauly. These two chauvinist pig men are the ones that WILL divide the party. Baugh and Spitzer are anti-women RINOS – disgusting! Wonder-boy Todd will act so surprised when his UNION paid for hit piece comes out next week….how do you sleep at night Todd?

    • OC Insider said

      Spitzer’s already ahead by a mile, thanks to the establishment GOP and their willingness to forgive his 3@50 votes (which should have caused him to be removed long ago). The DA knew what he was doing when he fired Spitzer.

      • oc patriot said

        It is unforgiveable that Scott Baugh, the hypocrite that In January 2010, gave a barnburner speech to the Republican Central Committee, where he blasted RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) who helped create the current public-employee pension problem. He issued an edict – dubbed by some as the “Baugh Manifesto” – declaring that the county party would not endorse Republicans who take union campaign money. Then Baugh turns around and supports his buddy Todd who is spending his union cash, that he was given for his vote of 3% at 50 for his buddies at the police union, to try and get elected to OC Supervisor so he can help his buddies some more!
        Scott Baugh is a disgusting RINO, he is the one along with his union buddy Todd that is dividing the party.
        These two low-life men are single-handedly dividing the party.

  5. Austin Aries said

    Great job, Chris. Almost as good as being there.

  6. Allan Bartlett said

    Baugh has a lot nerve to stand up and make this motion only a few days after Tom Fuentes passed away. This meeting should have been devoted to Tom’s memory. Instead it is being sullied by the most narcissistic self serving Chairman this local party has ever seen. Stay classy Scott.

    • Austin Aries said

      Allan, you are the last guy who should be lecturing anyone on lacking class or being narcissistic. What lacks class is your dragging Tom’s memory into this and using it as a club to beat up on Scott Baugh.

      One of Tom’s many great traits as party chairman was he didn’t shrink from doing what needed to be done for the good of the party, even when it was something he found disagreeable.

    • Joan said

      Baugh is a pig and disgrace to the party

  7. Austin Aries said

    Allen: people like Pauly are a big reason for these internal feuds. They feed on them. It is beond chutzpah when appeals to “unity” are made to defend someone whose whole modus operandi is to be divisive.

    • Allan Bartlett said

      The timing of this motion couldn’t be worse.

    • I think you are underestimating the sleaze factor that a lot of us associate with the local OCGOP. This is the same group that almost narrowly supported Rep. John Campbell despite his votes of TARP and DADT. This sends a very negative message about the local OCGOP to Tea Party/912 activists. I this context, it is smart to stir things up and remove members who are profiting from the local fair board or embarassing the party through their violent threats.

    • Nancy said

      Matthew, It’s not “divisive” to stand up for the truth and what is right. If not for Pauly here in Villa Park where she is a council woman this city would be running in the red! Our boys club city council has tried all kinds of tricks from trying to push through an automatic 5 year 6% increase in pay across the board for the city workers (who are already ridiculously over-paid) to voting in new taxes on the citizens. She has the guts to say no when they are voting against the taxpayers. That is not divisive, that is fullfilling her promise to serve the people that elected her. She is the indepentant thinker who truly votes to protect those of us who elected her! She does not go-along- to get-along and unlike Spitzer her vote cannot be bought by anyone!

  8. Wow! This vote is going to hurt the OCGOP with a lot of new Tea Party and SOC912 activists. I’m amazed that the OCGOP would do something so reckless. I expect this vote will be added encouragement for those of us who think that the sickest aspects of the local party are represented by Mary Young, not Deb Pauly.

    • Don Scott said

      That shows the absurdity of this former Marxist, claiming Mary Young is the sick part of the GOP. In fact, she has been working for years building the party and all you do is try to destroy what she has built. You are a said excuse.

      • Editors Note: This comment has been redacted due to it making a personal attack on an indvidual.

      • OK. I’ll try this one. :-) From what I’ve observed, I suspect Mary Young has been a net negative in terms of building the local GOP. I’m a published author and a political scientist (as well as an ex-Marxist). If I say Mary Young represents the “sickest aspects of the local party” you can be sure I have good reason for that assessment.

        • This comment does abide by our rules and will stay up.

        • Joe said

          Mary Young is as divisive as it comes.
          I am glad the phrase ‘a net negative’ is applied to her and her derisive tactics.
          There are many women who have been pushed aside because of her alleged ‘building the party’.

        • In the interest of full disclosure, Drew is running against Young for Central Committee.

          • Joe said

            THANK GOD! Maybe we will get in a sensible, responsible and mature Committee Member and Mary Young will get voted out.

          • Joe said

            And also in the interest of Full Disclosure, there are about 12 other people running for Central Committee for that District, and one gets to vote for SIX, so you could vote for Drew and Young, cancelling out the potential for any change against the OCGOP Machine of which Mary Young has become a part

            • The point of this is that Drew is attacking Young when he is running against her, and Young isn’t even one of the main actors in this motion: Scott Baugh and Deborah Pauly are.

      • Francis Barraza said

        Mary Young has been a tireless activist for years and years. There are so many people in the Party that can trace their political involvement back to a campaign or event that Mary Young got them involved with. She does the real work that the Party is supposed to do: Get Out the Vote. I was one of those people that came to volunteer at a precinct walk and came back again and again with more and more friends because Mary Young asked me to. If the Party had more Mary Young’s we might actually have a shot at taking back California.

        • Scott Carpenter said

          Let me echo Francis’ comments. If everyone in that room and other activists worked a fraction as much as Mary Young we wouldn’t have nearly as many problems in our party. Mary is an inspiration and is a tireless advocate. She is the standard bearer of what a volunteer should be.

        • Mary is the reason I have worked on so many campaigns and voter registration opportunities. She brings people together to get things done for the party – she is a tireless volunteer that many in the OCGOP should strive to be.

        • Please… Walter, my real name is John C. Drew, Ph.D. I have read a number of complaints about Mary Young’s behavior similar to those offered by Holly Williamson below. I think Young’s behavior while on the Fair Board brought shame to our community.

        • Joe said

          Mary Young is also responsible for a lot of women leaving the volunteer part of the party.

          • I’m not surprised. The way Mary D. Young treated some of my Tea Party friends last year was disgraceful. I felt like she was actively holding back the most healthy, energetic and growing activists in our community.

            • In the interest of full disclosure, Drew is running against Young for Central Committee.

              • Joe said

                And in the interest of Full Disclosure, about 12 other people are running so in the interest of Full Disclosure, you have the opportunity to vote for SIX to go to Central Committee, and Mary Young s one incmbent that needs to go.

                • The point of this is that Drew is attacking Young when he is running against her, and Young isn’t even one of the main actors in this motion: Scott Baugh and Deborah Pauly are. None of the other candidates are here attacking her.

            • Joe said

              Were they good looking young women? YEP, she was holding them back…..she is threatened and the older she gets the more shrill she will become. Look for a total breakdown soon.

    • Walter Myers III said

      Augustine, how dare you drag down Mary Young’s name and bring her into this. Mary Young is one of the sweetest, kindest, and most gracious women you will ever meet. She has worked tirelelessly for the party for many, many years, literally registering tens of thousands of voters. It is patently obvious that you don’t know Mary Young, and stating that “the sickest aspects of the local party are represented by Mary Young” is not an argument but an unsupported and fallacious assertion. With all that Mary has done for the party, then I challenge YOU to defend that charge, which I know you can’t. And for the record, I use my real name. I don’t hide behind an alias.

      • My name is John C. Drew, Ph.D. You know me Walter. We both know that Mary Young is not “one of the sweetest, kindest, and most gracious women” we will ever met. Young had to be restrained from trying to physically harm Deb Pauly at a previous Central Committee meeting. This is hardly the behavior of a “gracious” women. Young also got greedy while she was on the O.C. Fair Board. She is an example of what is sick about the OCGOP.

        • Walter Myers III said

          Hi John, thanks. I didn’t know it was you. Honestly, John, there was a contentious debate going on that day and Mary was not about to physically harm anyone. Could you please be more clear about what specifically she has done that is sick? I know Mary very well, and I don’t think she should be run down like this. Yes, Mary is a staunch defender of the party and the chairman, but she is a reasoned person who is always willing to listen and discuss her views openly. I would only ask that you and I arrange a time to meet with Mary so she can address any concerns that you may have.

          • Joe said

            Many women have been pushed around by Mary Young and they are no longer here to state such.
            Don’t worry Walter, your time will come, because you are too nice and once you figure out what is happening, they will off you, as well.

          • Walter, check out Mary Young’s record while she served on the OC Fair Board. In her one shot at public service – she was appointed by Arnold Schwarzenegger – she used her power to take advantage of others and get more free benefits for her to use and distribute as patronage. I can’t believe the OCGOP would dump Deb Pauly and look the other way at someone who lives up to the worst stereotypes about Republicans in office.

            • In the interest of full disclosure, Drew is running against Young for Central Committee.

              • Joe said

                In the interest of Full Disclosure, 12 people are running for SIX slots, it is not one on one, Dr. Drew v. Mary Young, she just deserves the criticisms and critiques for her years of abuse of women and he power. I suspectas long as she does the bidding of Scott Baugh and Jon Fleischmann (who lost the First Vice Chair to Pauly) she will remain a useful idiot.

                • The point of this is that Drew is attacking Young when he is running against her, and Young isn’t even one of the main actors in this motion: Scott Baugh and Deborah Pauly are. None of those other candidates are here attacking her.

        • In the interest of full disclosure, Drew is running against Young for Central Committee.

          • Joe said

            Yeah? And there are twelve other people running for six spots, so as the Original Blogger, are you trying to sully Drew’s comments and are you suggesting this is just about a one on one contest, and not fair comment and critique? Drew is also running against ten others.

            • The point of this is that Drew is attacking Young when he is running against her, and Young isn’t even one of the main actors in the motion that was the subject of this blog: Scott Baugh and Deborah Pauly are. None of the other people running for the seat are attacking her.

      • Joe said

        Walter, you are new to activism and there are two sides to every coin.

  9. […] Live from OCGOP Central Committee: Efforts to Remove Deborah Pauly as 1st Vice Chair […]

  10. Jodi K said

    This is why people are leaving the GOP in largr numbers. This removal was not about Uniting anything, it was about helping an opponent get elected. It was handled poorly. Glad I left the GOP.

    • OC Insider said

      Glad I am leaving, just haven’t sent in the form. Yea, this is nonsense. Purely high school antics. I wonder if the balloting was done by counting spitballs.

  11. Scott Carpenter said

    Great coverage Chris…but you forgot to mention it was about 138 degrees in the room.

    • Dianna Gadberry said

      There is no way that anyone can say that Mary Young isn’t a hard working proud Republican. I know of no one that works harder than this great lady. Sad to see all the personal attacks being thrown around. Not good people. Let’s be adults.

      • I second that Dianna and congratulations on your volunteer recognition!

      • Joe said

        Diana, you are relatively new, as well.
        Just wait, you will see what she is all about one day.

        • Dianna said

          I am far from NEW. I have been around for7 years. I think I have an idea of what is going on around me Joe.

      • Dianna: Please google Mary D. Young and read about her decisions on the OC Fair Board. I don’t think you are understanding the mistakes that Young made after she was given a little power by Arnold Schwarzenegger. – John

        • In the interest of full disclosure, Drew is running against Young for Central Committee.

          • Joe said

            And in the interest of Full Disclosure, Mary Young took free concert tickets and gave some to OC Republican Friends including then Assemblyman Todd Spitzer to sit in the front rows at the Fair Concerts….by the way, Mary, did you declare them as income so they will not be considered personal inurement for your position on the Fair Board? Ask to check her taxes, Dr. Drew.

        • Dianna said

          I know Mary Young quite well John. She is a very very good friend. I stand by my friends. I find you quite offensive to be honest with you. Mary Young has been a great mentor to me. She is a classy lady.

          • As I said, just Google her name. There is plenty of information on-line about Mary Young. As a matter of common sense, you are well advised to check out these reports before you get too committed to her.


    My son is (shortly to be WAS) an OCGOP Youth Associate. NO YA has left the group or complained about Deb, exactly as was stated by Dean Grose. Scott Baugh is LYING. Mary Young is the divisive element here, my son and others at a CC meeting witnessed her try to HIT Deb Pauly for criticizing the CC about something. Scott had to step between the two of them! This is NOT a personal attack, this is the truth. You can interview my son, who used to respect Mary, ASK Deb, or ask attendees of the CC on that particular night. It occurred on the dais in front of everyone. Mary keeps denying it of course, and Scott of course will not tell the truth.They are cronies through and through, and I am sure have been plotting to get rid of Deb for months. I am going to change my registration, I am so disgusted with the local GOP and their lack of ability to get anything of importance done. Deb is a voice of strength and change for the better, and who CARES if Mary is a
    “tireless volunteer”? Is that all it takes to impress some of you? The OCGOP is going to rot in it’s own slime, and once that would have made me sad, as a lifelong Republican, but not anymore. The deserve it.

    • OC Insider said

      Maybe Scott just needs a wedgie. That would bring this affair down to the appropriate age level.

    • Thank you for your report. I have heard other moms share similar stories about the rude treatment their children observed regarding Mary Young. This woman is a disaster for the OCGOP. I don’t understand why so many defend her outrageous behavior, but turn around and attack Deb Pauly.

      • Walter Myers III said

        John, please call me this afternoon.

        • I’m an objective person. I never even heard of Mary Young until February 2011. I got active in the local Republican party because I wanted to see more constitutional conservatives playing a leadership role. The way Mary Young treated new people like me was very unpleasant. I’m not surprised to be receiving complaints about her attitude and behavior from parents and other volunteers.

          • In the interest of full disclosure, Drew is running against Young for Central Committee.

            • Joe said

              In the interest of Full Disclosure, Drew did not WANT to dislike Mary Young, he states he observed her behavior and formed an opinion, recently, but most of us know about her abominable behavior many years back….and maybe Drew should come out and say Mary Young is the REASON he is running for Central Committee….so no one votes for both her and Drew, since one has a choice to vote for SIX out of TWELVE…who knows, maybe it will be fun to have her re-elected so Drew can keep tabs on her and challenge her behavior, the REAL devisive behavior in the OCGOP, and the behavior responsible for many women leaving volunteerism in OC Republican Party.

              • The point of this is that Drew is attacking Young when he is running against her, and Young isn’t even one of the main actors in this motion: Scott Baugh and Deborah Pauly are. None of the other candidates is here attacking Young.

      • Francis Barraza said

        People defend Mary Young because she actually DOES something as opposed to all the others that sit around and complain. All these people spewing their special brand of crazy about Mary Young continue to do harm to the Party. Get off your bottoms and do something for the cause instead of trying to tear down one of the hardest working people in the state. She works for FREE and she still DONATES too!

        Dr. Drew- if you have to fling around your Ph.D, it’s not working very well for you. I went to too much school as well and I don’t need to brag about it to gain credibility.

        • Joe said

          Francis: Mary Young’s ‘tireless’ work have only given many more other women a chance to be attacked, humiliated, and beaten down by her tantrums….hang around long enough, and you will find out.

          • Joe said

            I am only saddened to hear Baugh did not stop Mary Young before she brought it down to the level of acting in an unprofessional manner in front of our youth.

      • In the interest of full disclosure, Drew is running against Young for Central Committee.

        • Joe said

          OH my…and in the interest of Full Disclosure, it is not a one on one race, so any chance that Nguyen is trying to muddy the water and construe Dr. Drew’s fact stating about Mary Young as personal attack rather than for the betterment of the party, than one also has to declare that there are twelve candidates in the race, and you can vote for SIX, so vote for them both and then watch what happens at Central Committee meetings! The more I think about this, the ore I want Mary Young to get re-elected!

          • The point of this is that Drew is attacking Young when he is running against her, and Young isn’t even one of the main actors in this motion that was the subject of this blog: Scott Baugh and Deborah Pauly are. None of the other candidates are here attacking Young.

    • Walter Myers III said

      Holly, I am very saddened by this whole thing also on both sides. The contention within the party now has me asking why I am involved. Please call me.

      • Dean Grose said

        Sadly Walter, this is the reason why so many conservatives have lost faith and trust in the GOP leadership. We seem too eager to attack each other when none of us is perfect or without sin. We comit and work for a greater good, to help restore a government of the people and for the people. The task is daunting and personal attacks from any source do not achieve very much. Mary is a hard worker and commited to do the best she can on behalf of the GOP. Her style sometimes is frustrating. We can say that about most of us. My point is that we have to get past this type of behavior and focus on the goals … or we will never regain trust and confidence from voters.

    • Joe said

      Editors Note: This comment has been redacted due to it violating our rules of conduct.

    • Dean Grose said

      Holly, I was honored to appoint Austin to the Youth Associates and have beamed with pride as he has matured over these past two years. What happened last night was a part of education that was played out in real time. We wonder why the youth of the country fail to see conservative ways and recognize the value of a conservative belief. Austin gets it, so do his fellow Associates who were there last night. Embarrassing for sure, but real in the way leadership will do all kinds of things to try to achieve their objectives. I respect Chairman Baugh as he has many years of experience and knowledge; however, I do not agree with his method in handling this matter because it continues the “its okay to attach each other” belief like we saw with another Central Committee member a few months back. Austin has gotten an exposure to the inner workings of a political party that many never receive. We can continue to complain, or we can do what we believe is for the greater good and stand for principles. I think that Austin, Guiessepe and others will do just that.

      • OC Patriot said

        Baugh is lying hypocrite. In January 2010, Mr. Baugh gave a big speech to the Republican Central Committee, where he blasted RINOs who helped create the current public-employee pension problem. He issued an edict – dubbed by some as the “Baugh Manifesto” – declaring that the county party would not endorse Republicans who take union campaign money. Then this lying hypocrite comes along and endorses Special-Interest Spitzer? This is about him trying to get his buddy Todd elected at any cost because everyone knows Todd cannot get elected on his record. Not only does Baugh endorse his little buddy Todd with the war chest full of union cash but this is a stunt that will end with a nice expensive hit piece paid for with Todds Union cash! Baugh should be BOOTED out.
        They are both weak wimpy men with no moral compass.

        The ONLY way to rid the party of trash like this is to hit the streets and spread the word that Deborah Pauly is the ONLY true fiscally conservative choice.

      • Joe said

        It is not just the attacks…it is also the rush through endorsements that Scott Baugh and Mary Young are responsible for when they forced a vote to endorse our now disgraced felon and former sheriff Mike Carona…this establishment will stop at nothing o protect their own, and the opposite is also true, they get rid of the Deb Pauly’s who bring the truth to the front! I hope Pauly uses this platform to continues to expose the true devisive figures and antics of the OCGOP! Somehow, I think she will continue to fight, and I guess part of the platform is already before her, people are talking about the true Mary Young. Now, time for you new people to learn about how may times Scott Baugh has been indicted and help the rest of us figure out how he continually skates through….


    And if my above statement is removed for a “personal attack”, it only strengthens my brand new opinion that the local GOP is filled with cronies trying to protect themselves to the exclusion of the good of the GOP. The statement is FACT, not a “personal attack” on Mary Young, and if the website had ANY integrity at all they would investigate the incident and not merely get rid of comments as personal attacks. To do otherwise says you are part of the crony network, just working to protect yourselves and you own interests. I am done with the GOP.

    • Joe said

      Deb Pauly joined Central Committee o get rid of the corruption, but they got to her, first.
      The problem is, nice people will not resolve tot he tactics of the thugs who run the Party.

    • When we are ready for your opinion on what comments stay and go at our website I will call you and let you know.

    • For the record, the personal attack redacted above that Holly referenced originally made an accusation about a person’s private behavior.

      Holly, we have not redacted anything involving public conduct, such as what transpires at a Central Committee meeting. While as a blog we often express our opinions in our posts, we opted to remain as objective as possible in this post. We have tried to simply give people the facts of what happened. The fact that both the supporters and detractors of Deborah Pauly have shared this post widely is indicative of our effort to cover this issue fairly. To attack us simply serves to discourage those who would try to bring objective information to the public light.

  14. […] https://ocpolitical.com/2012/05/21/live-from-ocgop-central-committee-efforts-to-remove-deborah-pauly-… […]

  15. teemtwo said


  16. Jack Wu said

    Great job covering this Chris.

  17. […] Live from OCGOP Central Committee: Efforts to Remove Deborah Pauly as 1st Vice Chair […]

  18. Nan said

    Spitzer and Baugh are full of crap, they are in bed together and this is all about a hit piece. Todd has been running scared since Pauly entered the race for Supervisor and will stoop as low as a snake in the grass to trash Pauly. These two chauvinist pig men are the ones that WILL divide the party. Baugh and Spitzer are anti-women RINOS – disgusting! Wonder-boy Todd will act so surprised when his UNION paid for hit piece comes out next week….how do you sleep at night Todd?

  19. I'm Rick James said

    A little message for all the crazies. What did the five fingers say to the face?

  20. Real Activist said

    Holly Williamson, John C. Drew, Nan and “Joe”

    As an actual activist who has spent countless hours working for the party, I am not concerned with your threats to disengage from the party operation. I have never met any of you, except for shameless self-promoter John C. Drew Ive never heard of any of you. In fact I’m beginning to question if John C. Drew is really a PhD, any real PhD would not feel the need to repeat it in every sentence that comes from his keyboard. So hes either a phony or suffers from a massive inferiority complex, doesn’t take a doctor to diagnose that one. Holly will not be missed in the activist world because she’s already missing from it. I do give creedence to Chris Nguyen, Francis Barazza, Wendy Bucknam, Scott Carpenter, Allan Bartlett, Jack Wu, Dianna Gadberry and Chris Emami’s comments. I have seen and been in the trenches volunteering with them.

    • Joe said

      Then you have volunteered with me, you just don’t know it. There is a silent and large group of people who have been bullied and threatened by Mary Young and I suspect this slap in the face of Deb Pauly will silence a few more.

    • LOL. Trust me. I’m a real Ph.D. I won the William Anderson award from the American Political Science Association. I’m also a published author. My wife and I spent the weekend walking precincts. I’m also a blogger for David Horowitz and American Thinker. I’m a constitutional conservative who has taught classes on the U.S. Constitution. I’m very independent. If I thought throwing Pauly under the bus was a good idea, I’d be saying that…

  21. Although, I don’t necessarily agree with Ms. Deborah Pauly’s personal politics or her personal approach, as a Past President of professional organizations, and the commander of a veterans organization, and a long-term Board member of my Home Owners Association (HOA), it seems that proper parliamentary due-process procedures were violated, and by extension the rights of the members of the Republican party.

    a) Generally, and this could be different for the party, an Agenda needs to be prepared and communicated in Advance, in order to be able to decide on a matter. Advance notice generally requires 2 days verbal or 4 days written notice.

    b) The presiding officer (President or Chairman) should refrain from making a motion themselves. The Motion and the second on the motion, should preferably be done by other members. The power of a President or Chairman comes from influencing others through objective and impassioned persuasion, and not from controlling the Agenda or the Motions.

    c) All officers should always act in good-faith and in the best interests of the organization they represent, and should preempt any political manipulations.
    To ensure this, I think it would have been preferable to defer the matter until after the June 5th election.
    If the Chairman was going to be out of town, then if there were was validity in contemplating the removal of the vice-Chair, I am sure the other members would have seen fit to act accordingly.

    The way this was conducted, to an outsider like myself this looks like a violation of due-process which is the cornerstone of our Constitution and our American Values and Principles!

    From a fellow Non-partisan, solutions focused Democrat Citizen.

    P.S. I respect Ms. Deborah Pauly’s service to country, and her son’s service too (a fellow US Marine brother)

    Francisco “Paco” Barragan
    Candidate for State Assembly 2012- 69th AD

    • Joe said

      All this tells you is there is a corrupt element in power over there and that is the exact people we put Deb Pauly in to watch over.

  22. Greg said

    And this is why i hate politics

  23. Greg said

    What Deborah Pauly and her loyal followers have to ask is why she lost 20-30 of the same Central Committee members who voted for her for First Vice Chair just over a year ago. I think Deborah did a good job of making a case for her conservative principles in her opening remarks on Monday (her rebuttal was a train wreck in my opinion). However, she did not express any regrets or take any responsibility for her actions that have alienated even many of her supporters. While I admire what Deborah has done for voter registration for the party (kind of like what Mary Young has done for the party, in spite of the vitriolic comments against her on here), this was not a 33-31 vote, or even anywhere close. She lost 47-17. This was not a conspiracy, it was a self-inflicted wound.

    • Greg said

      Oh, and I am not the May 22 Greg who hates politics, I love politics and the Republican Party.

    • As far as I can tell, Pauly was simply unprepared for this attack. There was a lot of demagoging against her due to the O.C. Supervisorial race and the folks who never cared for her thought this was a great time to attack. If she had gotten the vote delayed or sent to a committee, she would have held on to the job. What’s sad, however, is that the folks who attacked Deb Pauly underestimated her sincere support in the community and all the people, including a young member of the Youth Associates, who would come to her defense and speak on her behalf. It was silly for Scott Baugh to engage in this sort of disruptive behavior right when we were recruiting Deb Pauly supporters in the Tea Party or 912 movements to walk precincts for Allan Mansoor. I cannot imagine a more short-sighted decision in terms of the future health of the OCGOP.

    • On another matter, I don’t think you can make the case that Mary D. Young has benefited the local Republican party. She supported Rep. Campbell even though he voted to repeal DADT and supported TARP. For a lot of us, Young represents what is most disturbing about the local OCGOP. I’ve gotten to know a lot of GOP activists and I’m startled at the number of people who feel Young mistreated them in the past. I’ve found a warm welcome for my take on young Obama’s ideological extremism among Tea Party, 912 groups, and Republican Women’s Club Federated. Among the OCGOP, however, not so much love…

  24. HOLLY said

    “Real Activist”: (whom I believe to be Mary Young, but I really don’t care):
    What difference does it make if I am not a visible part of the GOP? I am a VOTER. My son is a YA and activist. Ask Robert Hammond, ask Lucille Kring. And others. My son KNOWS Mary, and he and I actually volunteered with her at the OC Fairgrounds, registering voters. I LIKED her A LOT. She was like a girlfriend I had known for some time. I had NOTHING against her. I had only started with volunteering efforts. And it doesn’t matter to me one bit whether I will be missed or not, or whether anyone knows who I am. I am no political insider and happy about it, especially after what I have seen and heard. I actually went to numerous CC meetings and was very disappointed at what seemed to me a lack of anything worthwhile being accomplished, so I stopped going. When I originally made a public statement about my disappointment, I found I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. Several INSIDERS voiced their frustration to me.
    The reason Mary is connected to this Scott/Deb situation is directly related to the attempted physical incident where Scott had to intervene. It is apparently well-known that Mary has extreme loyalty to Scott. I don’t have a problem with that except when it affects the GOP. And the little “incident” should have resulted in some kind of public reprimand, Behavior like that is completely unacceptable and should not be tolerated. But it was.
    So now we come to the ambush of Deb. I think she is just what is needed, a woman who is not afraid to speak the truth and won’t back down to the old boy’s network. Mary may be a tireless volunteer, but she is essentially Scott’s helpmate, has a supporting role. We need women like Deb to take the LEAD.
    So Scott decided to let Mary get away with outrageous behavior (and my son was shocked by what happened, and disappointed in a woman for whom he had respect) and then excoriates Deb for what they perceived as various bad behaviors at the EXACT time it would do the most damage to Deb. There is a huge double standard here. No one is so stupid as to believe otherwise. This was PLANNED. Plain and simple, they DIDN’T HAVE TO DO IT WHEN THEY DID, OR HOW THEY DID IT. It smacks highly of slimy backroom deals between buddies. And my guess? The little Crony Club DOESN’T LIKE DEB. THAT is why she is gone. She challenged the status quo and the cronies can’t have that. They protect their own to the detriment of the GOP.
    And as to why the vote was lopsided? Easy peasy. Even for an outsider nobody like me. People are AFRAID of Scott/Mary and their little machinations. After all, just look what they did to Deb! It pains me that people can’t stand up EVERY SINGLE TIME and do the right thing, or stand up for what is right, because they will then lose something politically (votes? their position?) from the cronies in charge. Politics is an UGLY UGLY game. In my little exposure to it, I came to realize it is not about being patriotic, or trying to make the Constitution important again, etc., it is about WHO YOU KNOW, HOW you play the little games, and trying to save your own ass. If you don’t go along with the program, you haven’t a prayer of EVER making a difference.. But then the catch is that if you go along with the program you CAN’T make any real difference. In my beloved GOP I naively thought there would be more people with principals. How stupid was I. It is the status quo, or basically you go.
    Real Activist, enjoy your insider status and spinning your wheels.

  25. HOLLY said


  26. […] an opponent (though with some “No” votes) to replace Deborah Pauly who was removed in a lengthy and controversial Central Committee meeting in May. Share this:EmailPrintFacebookTwitterLinkedInDiggRedditStumbleUponPinterestTumblrLike this:LikeBe […]

  27. […] Minutes from last nights Central Committee meeting are captured here. […]

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