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Posted by Chris Nguyen on May 21, 2012

As we reported earlier, Deborah Pauly has been removed as the Republican Party of Orange County’s First Vice Chair by a 47-16-1 vote.


  1. This ridiculous. We have officers like Mary Young – who tried to assault Deb Pauly, on stage – and the OCGOP gets rid of Pauly? There is something very odd, very ill about the local GOP Central Committee.

  2. What is ridiculous is that it took so long for the GolBs to dump the bigot Pauly. Politicians as whole are an ill mannered bunch when it comes to campaigning, Republicans particularly so. Pauly gives even Republicans a bad name

  3. I spoke at an SOC912 event last friday. The folks there were applauding Deb Pauly. I really think this is a big mistake and the local OCGOP will regret it.

    • Marie said

      Scott Baugh is the one who should be dumped, he is in bed with Todd Spitzer and that’s what this is all about. Todd probably wrote his buddy a nice check for this…he’s got a boat load of union money and he is so threatened by Pauly this is how he would spend it.
      Baugh is a low-life hypocrite and an absolute disgrace to the party.

  4. Greg Diamond said

    Hang on — I’m not familiar with all the characters and I want to make sure I get all this right in my story. So, Scott Baugh is sleeping with Todd Spitzer, who is writing him checks? OK, got it — what else?

    • Oh, please… Spitzer threatened by the bigot Pauly? Have you seen her financial statements? She can barely afford the hundred or so yard signs she has up and the mailer that went out to Tustin.

      They all have a ton of money and none of them need anymore except Pauly who has trouble raising money for anything more than a latte at Starbucks.

      • Objectively, I think Spitzer’s weak stance toward public employee unions hurts him and advantages Deb Pauly in the current political environment. In Wisconsin, Gov. Walker is beating back the public employee unions. I’m not surprised that those of us fearful of public employee unions would be supporting Deb Pauly.

        • One horse candidates rarely win. Pauly has no proven ability to manage public funds and has no support from her own colleagues on the Villa Park City Council. Whether you like him or not personally, Todd has broad experience that he will bring back to the county. The only baggage he carries is the 3 at 50 vote and the GokBs have forgiven him his transgressions.

          • I endorsed Pauly over Spitzer to send a strong message that Spitzer was too supportive of public employee unions in the past. I wasn’t in a forgiving mood when it comes to that 3@50 issue. Also, I know Pauly is not a racist. Spitzer has a great system in place for securing endorsements. I’m not impressed. If Pauly had more money she would have staff bringing in endorsements too. Spitzer’s money, in part, comes from those public employee unions. Finally, I have been earning national visibility for sharing my take on young Barack Obama’s long-standing commitment to Marxist socialist ideology. Pauly has been friendly and encouraging. Spitzer, however, has been distant and unsupportive. I get the sense that Spitzer is not really in the fight when it comes to creating a new Republican party, a party capable of winning over California.

            • John,

              Deborah is a religious bigot who hates all Muslims and calls American Muslims “homegrown terrorists”. She also appears to be a racist because she will not disavow Baker or the letter he sent with racist overtones, saying she needs to “look into it”. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, etc.

              I appreciate the fact that you cannot forgive Spitzer for his vote on 3@50 but a lot of Republicans back then voted for this, including the entire OC BoS. Lots of city Republican City Councils did as well. And, as I said, this should not be a one horse platform. Spitzer’s record on other issues bodes well for him. He also knows how to reach across the aisle when it suits the public purpose to get the job done.

              Spitzer’s “system” for securing endorsements is to act like a Republican and not antagonize the non-tea party element. The TPers, rightfully, he does not give a rat’s ass about. I honestly believe (and tout on my own blog) that Spitzer is in this race long enough to see T-Rack die of a heart attack so that he can move into the OCDA’s office, which is where he really wants to be. Until then, I will take him as the leading candidate who will do the best job as BoS. Todd and Steve R., all the way (just kidding on Rocco).

              • I don’t believe Pauly is a racist or a religious bigot. That’s silly. I’m a writer for David Horowitz’s Front Page Magazine. I’m pretty good at picking up on racism or bigotry. I don’t see it in her.

                I don’t owe Todd Spitzer anything. I’m certainly not won over to his side by the lame argument that a lot of other Republicans made similar mistakes in giving away taxpayer money for excessive pension benefits. Give me a break. I’m not convinced that Todd is strong enough to stand up againsts those public employee unions. Pauly is.

                As a constitutional conservative, I think we need to draw a line in the sand. You seem hostile to Tea Party/912 types like me. I have a Ph.D. in political science and I’m a published author. My take on Obama has appeared in four books lately.

                If I really thought Todd Spitzer was better for our community or our country, then I’d be supporting him. Right now, you look like the sort of apologist for the status quo which has brought so much shame and discouragement to our conservative community.

                • Well, gosh, I was trying to keep this civil and in the conversational tone. But, like most teabaggers, you appear to be fanatical about your beliefs and have no room to consider anyone else’s. If you don’t see Pauly as a racist, you are probably a racist yourself. That is evident by your bashing Obama. Now, before you go off on a typical teabagger rant, I don’t support most of what Obama has done. Neither do I think that teabaggers are the answer. We need politicians that are in touch with mainstream America. That certainly isn’t the current major political parties or the fanatical left or right which you appear to represent.

                  To be clear, Todd is an opportunist. If there was a better candidate, I would vote for them. However, as it comes between an opportunist with experience and a nutjob racist like Pauly, I will take the former.

                  Oh, by the way, I am also published, just like half of the world. Just not in anything you would read.

                  • I’ve taught American government and public policy as schools like Williams College in MA. I was part of their political economy program. Ironically, I thought of Obama as white when I met him. This makes sense because he grew up in a white family and had zero connections to his African socialist father. I was especially disappointed in Todd when he voted in favor of Rep. John Campbell. As far as I’m concerned, Todd and I belong to different political parties. I’m happy to stand with folks like Orly Taitz, John Webb and Deb Pauly right now.

  5. HOLLY said

    Hey Jeff,
    Please, I would like to see your PROOF that Deb Pauly is a racist. And PLEASE, don’t use the tired old excuse that she is because she called out 2 Muslim speakers who SUPPORT TERRORISM, as proof that she is a racist. As you are well aware, unless you support ole Todd (which you DO!) she was NOT speaking about ALL Muslims, but about those who support terrorism, and specifically the 2 speakers in Yorba Linda. And as you are surely aware, THEY are on the U.S. Government watch list for connection to terrorism, among other things. But I am sure you know that…Or maybe you don’t have a problem with Muslims who support terrorism?
    And in addition, if we simply can’t believe that people have changed (this guy who is supporting Deb who in the PAST was an admitted White Supremacist, but who now disavows that) then surely we can’t trust ole Todd since in the past he took money from unions and voted to increase public pensions, (among other things), which are not very Republican ways to behave. He SAYS he wouldn’t do those things again, but, gee, we have to expect he will, right? According to your (AND ole Todd’s) logic he will repeat his behavior.
    And I don’t know anyone who is impressed because a candidate has a big “war chest”, so what? Smacks of slick career politician, and those are the ones we need OUT. They are ruining this county (registered Republicans are DOWN every single year, from approximately 50% in 1999 to approximately 43% in 2011) and intent on keeping the status quo.

    • How about her refusal to disavow herself from the IE mailer sent out by a segregationist? And, Pauly was indeed speaking about all Muslims in her various rants. The proof is obvious and quite public. Whether you choose to close your eyes to it when you punch the chad on election day is your choice. In any case, she doesn’t stand a chance against Spitzer.

    • I know Deb Pauly. She isn’t a racist or a religious bigot. That’s just silly. She’s a lifelong Christian and an Air Force vet. She will be much tougher on public employee unions that Todd Spitzer. I feel comfortable voting for her and supporting her.

      • Holly, that’s the beauty of our political system. You can vote for anyone you wish. And, I believe a vote on principle is not lost. I happen to believe what I say about Deborah, have said so in my local blog and will continue to support Todd, even though I am a union man because I believe there are more important issues besides pensions and Todd is the most experienced to deal with them. I am also an Air Force vet and a lifelong Christian, by the way, so that doesn’t hold much water in a pagan rite like voting.

        • HOLLY said

          You did bring up that old tired theory. She did not speak out against all Muslims, ask her. I won’t defend this again because you are being ridiculous. Just like CAIR, you took what she said out of context. Wow.
          And if Mr. Walker says he is no longer a racist person, why shouldn’t we, or Deb not believe him? After all, Todd has said he wouldn’t repeat certain actions which upset even Baugh in the past. Using your logic, ole Todd is lying.
          And I understand even more your support for Spitzer, you being a union man and all..
          Sadly, I am sure you are correct about ole Todd winning. This state will go down in flames soon due to politicians like him, and supporters like you.

  6. Whatever cranka your tractor. As long as you vote.

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