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AD 68 Central Committee Mailbox: More Central Committee Madness, Spitzer Hits Pauly

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on May 9, 2012

In what continues to be the most absurd Central Committee election that I have ever witnessed, we now have an expensive district wide mailer that went out from the Todd Spitzer campaign hitting Deborah Pauly:

This piece is extremely crafty because even though it went out to AD 68 Republican voters the overlap between AD 68 and the 3rd Supervisorial district is huge. Other ramifications from this piece would be the fact that it may potentially knock her out of the top 6 slots for Central Committee.

I do believe that this piece went a bit far as candidates families should be off-limits. If Spitzer wanted to hit Pauly for poor judgement the evening of the DUI that would have been fine, because clearly what she did was stupid. However, do not mention her husband by name in the piece. I do want to clarify that I do not condone what he did and I am speaking strictly from the point of political etiquette.

In terms of effectiveness this piece will definitely have an impact on the election. Not that it will matter tough as most people appear to think that Spitzer winning is only a matter of time.

7 Responses to “AD 68 Central Committee Mailbox: More Central Committee Madness, Spitzer Hits Pauly”

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  2. Oh, come on, Chris. Judy by saying it was her husband, we would have surmised his name Mr. Pauly, right?

    In truth, this is politics nowadays. Hit them below the belt. Hit them from behind. Hit their families. It is unfortunate that is the nature of the game. I long die the days of the “Win with Wilkie” buttons.

    • Jeff,

      I know, but I still think they should have refrained from mentioning his name. You’re right the nature of the game is pretty nasty now a days. However, I would argue that based on what I have read campaigns in the 1800’s would make todays campaigns look rather mild.

      • OC patriot said

        Todd Spitzer is despicable and will do anything to get the attention away from his voting record and also the fact that he was fired from the DA’s office. He highjacked the pic of Pauly right off of her facebook page and sent out the mailer full of lies – the mailer was paid for with the Union money from his buddies (the mailer confirms this as it states that it was “paid for by Spitzer for Central committee” which is the account where he moved his union money (all public record).
        The only way to get rid of Slime-dogs like Spitzer (no offense to dogs) is for the PEOPLE to get the truth out there.
        Todd has a boat-load of Union money to keep spreading lies about Pauly, it’s up to those of us who want to rid the system of self-absorbed career politicians like Spitzer to get Pauly elected!

      • You got that right, Chris. But, don’t forget, they didn’t have TV and radio, just word of mouth and a true free press.

  3. Name one thing Spitzer has said about Pauly that is a lie. She is a teabagging racist that has a warped view of religion. And you think she would be better than Todd?

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