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If only I were the wagering type…

Posted by Brenda Higgins on April 25, 2012

Not good news for fans of the Brea Police Department. 

In a not surprising alignment, Winder-Lindsey voted in favor of renewing with Brea PD, Anderson-Schwing-Rikel voted to begin a new contract with OCSD.  If anyone reading this is surprised by this result, I have some ocean front property in Arizona I’d love to speak to you about. 

Many things were not considered in the evaluation of the bids.  The overall sensibility seems the most overlooked.  A new station is needed, new squad cars, new equipment, guns radios, phones, desks, copy machines for any agency that replaces Brea PD …..and the OSCD per their proposal is going to staff up and set up all of this at a reduced cost, saving the city of Yorba Linda $1 Million dollars each year, $5 Million over the life of their contract.  That is more than $80,000.00 per month, less than the department who has been providing this service for 42 years, and they are fully equipped and staffed up.  That’s fantastic, and the county officials who developed this bid and business model should really be consulting in private industry because in this economy, we could all use some advice on how to do that kind of magic. .

Anaheim was never realistically in the running, which is sad, because they had a great presentation, and a sensible, believable bid.   They impressed with their availability of services, special teams and technology, as well as their knowledge and shared geography with Yorba Linda.  I can not imagine why it was never proposed that Anaheim be awarded a partial contract for East Yorba Linda.  The response time for Brea PD to East Yorba Linda has been an ongoing complaint.  There are many occasions that Brea and Anaheim jurisdiction and enforcement overlap, why not apportion service geographically?  The Anaheim station on Wier Canyon road is not realistically a good match  for the West side of Yorba Linda given the long, so why not split it? This was not considered.  A wholesale replacement of the entire contract was the only consideration.  No kind of holistic approach, reworking or restructuring the relationship with Brea was undertaken.  I assume, as many residents do, that it is because the contract was destined to go to OCSD.  The public opinion on keeping the contract with Brea seems, as with many issues, to have been largely ignored by the 3 majority council.  

I am saddened and at the same time inspired that 50 residents had the wherewithal to stay till the 3am vote,  God bless them for their stamina, but I’m surprised they thought that their opinion mattered. 

I wish I had different news to report.  I wish I had written this blog a week, a month, a year ago, because I could have. (or even 6 years ago, Brea, who was passing out the Koolaid then?)  No  surprise of any kind here.  Democracy  and due process have died a slow painful death in Yorba Linda.  Every resident has the option to be active, get involved, and vote in the next election. Each time I see this Kangaroo court convene I hope that this is the time that the mainstream residents in Yorba Linda become aware of the situation at City Hall and the utter dominance of one special interest group by virtue of their ownership of three seats.  Nothing will change, the status quo will easily be maintained if the voting public continues to show apathy and fear of the YLRRR, which was so pervasive  in the 2010 election.

2 Responses to “If only I were the wagering type…”

  1. met00 said

    Brenda, the “i can count to three” majority council really sucks when you are on the “wrong side” on your issue. Here in Los Alamitos it is going to cost us $650K/yr for five years because Edgar and his crew decided that they would ignore the City Code and award the trash contract to the boys that paid for their political campaigns. Even after being sued by the community, and ordered by a judge in the Superior Court to follow the law, they worked with the trash contractor to re-write the law so that they could continue to give the trash contract to them, and them alone.

    On the positive side, thanks to people that were on the City Council before Edgar this western edge of OC has a great setup. Three police departments working together (Seal Beach, Cypress, Los Al) ensure that there is always sufficient coverage for the tri-community area. Response times are phenomenal. In fact, they are some of the best in OC (and maybe even LA).

    Working together these communities have been able to extend the resources and share in such a way as to ensure that the area has great coverage and there are no under-served areas of the community in any of the cities. A great example of working together to lower costs, but provide higher levels of quality service.

    Unfortunately for Edgar he is unable to take one iota of credit for the thing that works well AND saves taxpayer dollars. He can take credit for pushing a trash contract that benefits his political benefactors to the tune of $650K/yr. AND breaking the law to do it!

    • Thanks for the comment, Met. “Working together” is not a concept that has dawned here in the North County. Frankly, there is no reason whatsoever to explore “working together” when you own 3 seats, you dictate the agenda. If you want something done in YL, you contact and consort with those 3 and their small base. Apathy and fear has brought us to this. The investment in our government as to what is best for us, is in direct proportion to our investment in asserting our right to monitor and unseat them if necessary.

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