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April Fools’ Day Posts

Posted by Chris Nguyen on April 2, 2012

Since it is now April 2, I can now clarify that Emami only wrote three April Fools’ Day posts:

Again, those three are the sole April Fools’ Day posts.

All other posts outside of those three posts are legitimate OC Political posts.

3 Responses to “April Fools’ Day Posts”

  1. I was hoping for an April Fools redaction of the Fonda-plays-Nancy reagan story. Sadly, I think that one is true.

  2. Bush League said

    Your amateurish clarifications would be unnecessary if you stopped this inanity and ran a more professional blog. Maybe you’ll act more maturely next year and stop wasting folk’s time.

  3. “Candidate Edgar warmly received at H.B. Church Picnic:” http://letsfixlosal.com/blog/candidate-edgar-warmly-received-today-at-h-b-church-picnic/

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