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A Quick Note To Readers

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on March 28, 2012

Recently we have received a lot of comments recently on the posts written by anonymous bloggers “HBK” and “The Rock of OC.” The majority of these comments have been blocked as they are simply making accusations as to who the real identities of these two individuals are.

The policy we have here at OC Political is one that allows current elected officials, past elected officials, and anyone else we have invited to blog the right to use a pseudonym if they provide a legitimate reason. We would prefer that people use real names but in certain circumstances we will make exceptions and allow an individual to use a pseudonym.

Any comments claiming to reveal the identity of a blogger will be blocked, regardless of whether the guess is right or wrong. At the same time I would encourage our bloggers to keep it civil, especially those that are using pseudonyms.

We thank you for your readership and look forward to continuing to keep our followers up to date on what is going on in OC, State, and National politics.

4 Responses to “A Quick Note To Readers”

  1. Commenters not being allowed to comment on the real identity of an anonymous blogger? That is almost as funny as allowing the bloggers themselves. I have no reason to hide behind a moniker. Yet, I often comment as keep da peace because I want to make a point. There is absolutely no good reason to blog anonymously. People should be willing to stand up for what they write or not write. Your “policy” fails the smell test.

    • Greg Diamond said

      It’s a protected free speech right with long traditions. I’m not opposed to the practice. It lends itself to cowardly misuse, unfortunately, but that’s the price we pay to assure free speech.

  2. Zurf said

    You could follow the path of other bloggers, allow the comments, search out the IP address, identify (falsley) the commenter and then harrass them at home (Christmas is always fun), at work (having nothing to do with the comments) and especially good natured 14 year old humor is to send packages to thier parents house.

    Now we can take this a step further if we are lawyers. We’ll threaten not only the bloggers, but try and silience the opposition. These bully tactics don’t seem to serve the “Liberal” blogs well and in one case has stirred up a flurry and added blog competition.

    So your’s seems like an adult and reasonable approach, which seems fitting given the demeanor here.

    • Greg Diamond said

      Anonymous comments certainly facilitate the ability people with puzzlingly unattractive pseudonyms to level cowardly attacks without repercussions, so from your perspective they must be absolute catnip.

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