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Good Ole Boys Pervert Conservativism

Posted by The Rock of OC on March 27, 2012

In a shocking defeat for real conservatives, the good ole boys seized the endorsement of the CRA for their big-government retread, Todd Spitzer.

Hope for conservatives got a bit bleaker as the special interests gained control of the group that is supposed to be the conscience of the Republican Party.  In the Board of Supervisors race, Deborah Pauly is the only proven limited government, fiscal conservative who will represent the people, but in a perversion of Republican ideals, the CRA endorsed career politician Spitzer, who is in bed with the unions.

In this David and Goliath battle, Pauly is the true conservative and special-interest Spitzer is the candidate of the unions.  He is a RINO and backed costly pension deals when he was previously a Supervisor.  He will not cut the size of local government or reform pensions because he’s one of the guys who caused Orange County’s three-billion-dollar unfunded pension liabilities!

Special-interest Spitzer is slick and polished.  He’s a very connected career politician who’s part of the good ole boys who run Orange County.

The time is ripe to save Orange Coutny from the career politicians who are bought and paid for to do the bidding of their masters who cram their campaign bank accounts with tens of thousands of special interest dollars.

The CRA missed its chance, but the people know the truth.  They will not allow Orange County to be raped by the special interests gorging at the public trough.

7 Responses to “Good Ole Boys Pervert Conservativism”

  1. junior said

    yeah well … I consider myself a very conservative Republican and I think that Pauley is a little too over the top for me. It’s not that I disagree with her positions on issues so much as the unprofessional way she expresses herself.

    Too bad there is not another conservative Republican to run against Spitzer.

  2. Greg Diamond said

    Oh yeah? Well what about THIS opinion I read on a respected conservative site?

    In a victory for civility over coercion and conservativism over fringe elements, the California Republican Assembly endorsed Todd Spitzer over Deborah Pauly in an amazing upset.

    Pauly could not conduct herself with dignity at the CRA endorsing meeting. Her campaign strategy is simple: attack Spitzer and hope that no one sees she does not have the experience or temperament to be an Orange County Supervisor. On the other hand, Spitzer has the qualities necessary to work with others as a team, work with others to solve problems, and work with others for Orange County. Spitzer clearly demonstrated this attitude and perspective during the CRA endorsing meeting: Pauly is a divider; Spitzer brings people together with dignity and respect to carry Orange County forward.

    Pauly spoke about her role in forming the Orange-Villa Park CRA unit while Spitzer is the only candidate who is currently a member of his local CRA unit: Orange-Villa Park. Why isn’t Pauly still in the Orange-Villa Park CRA unit?

    As a long-time CRA activist, shouldn’t the endorsement have been a shoo-in for Pauly? It’s clear the people who know her best know she does not have the qualities to be an Orange County Supervisor, which is why the CRA backed Spitzer in an upset for the endorsement.

    The more Pauly spoke, the more support she lost. In the first round, Spitzer led Pauly 14-6-2. In the second round, Pauly lost half her supporters and one of the neutral voters went to Spitzer, giving him the endorsement 18-3-1.

    Why is that? It’s simple: the CRA allowed each candidate to speak for a minute before the second round of voting, and in her speech, Pauly decided to threaten the CRA. When she’s trying to persuade an organization to support her, she resorts to threats. This is the same way she conducts herself in meetings. If she’s threatening people to get an endorsement, imagine what she’d do on the Board of Supervisors!

    The CRA is the largest and most conservative grassroots organization in the state and represents the everyday values of conservative voters. This proves that Spitzer is the conservative candidate, and Pauly is just a fringe candidate.

  3. The Professor said

    What’s “conservativism”?

    Is it related to conservatism?

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