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Carpetbagger Running In AD 69?

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on March 22, 2012

UPDATED 1:17 PM: According to an article in the Voice of OC the OC Register article is flat-out wrong. You can read that article here.

It was reported yesterday in the Orange County Register that we might have another case of a carpetbagger running for office. Allegedly Julio Perez does not live where he claims according to a process-server. I will not post the address due to privacy issues, but it does not look good for Perez. Although, I do not believe that carpetbagging actually lands him off the ballot as judges are rarely willing to rule this way.

Where this will likely hurt him is in a mail piece that will likely go out from the Tom Daly or Michele Martinez campaign. This could end up costing him a spot in the top two for this election, which he had an outside shot at due to all kinds of union money that would have been spent on this race.

The two likely candidates to emerge from the June primary are Jose Moreno (R) and Tom Daly (D).

Moreno will advance because he is the only Republican in this race in with the Democrats splitting the vote four ways he will get into the top two, possibly in the #1 slot. Now that he is in the race I hope that he can win, as it would be nice to see a Republican win this seat, but the odds are definitely against him.

Daly will advance because of the Latino vote being split amongst the three other Democrats and also the fact that he has huge name ID from his time on the Anaheim City Council and also the many years he has been Orange County Clerk-Recorder.

I guess the good news for all of the candidates running is that none of them used Kindee Durkee as a treasurer.

11 Responses to “Carpetbagger Running In AD 69?”

  1. Not according to the Voice of OC who ran a story that the Register story was incorrect. The Register’s latest casualty in their downsizing effort is, apparently, their fact checking dept.

    • Union Watcher said

      Amazing how Voice of OC ws johnny-on-the-spot with that story, moving like lightning to protect Nick Berardino’s candidate. But not so amazing considering Nick is funding Voice of C.

      • Why? Just because VOC manages to show how shoddy the reporting by the Register was? I think they would have done the same for any of the candidates . Your aspersion is unwarranted. Although OCEA may support the Voice, there are quite a few other supporters who also have a vested interest in accurate reporting of the facts.

  2. Jeff,

    Good to know. It did seem a bit fishy to me the timing on this. I still do think that Daly and/or Martinez will try and hit him with this, whether it is true or not. The credit card issue likely won’t be an issue for him, considering how many people are having a really hard time in this economy.

  3. I certainly hope that Daly and/or Martinez will try it, given the complete baselessness of the story. That serve will lead to a blistering return that neither of them is equipped to handle.

    Hey, GOP pranksters, want to join me in asking Brian Joseph to divulge who gave him the bum tip, and in asking the Daly and Martinez campaigns to disavow any involvement? This would be fun for you!

  4. Zurf said

    This story has been completely debunked.

    The Voice of OC(ea) has provided proof in the form of an AAA membership card. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

    In other words Julio said he does live there, and we believe him!

    Bum tip, the guy is completely unqualified if for no other reason he is in debtors prison. If he can’t balance his checkbook, I don’t want him managing the states.

    • Right, he is in debtors prison. I missed that part of the story. Please tell me more.

      Oh, don’t look at the Register’s update, by the way.

      • Zurf said

        More…What more do we need to know. The guy blew off $10k in credit card debt. He was too stupid or too stained to be able to bandg his way out.

        I don’t know a thing about you, but I read that Mr. Perez makes upward of $125,000. (unverified) per year as a union manager. A bedroom in a 1600 sqft house in santa ana shouldn’t cost more than $500 per month (if he pays more he should imediatley be disqualified) but he can’t work this out.

        He looks to be a LOSER, A SLACKER, OR JUST A FRAUD.

        $100,000 per year and you can’t refinance a chase card for $10,000 he is either STUPID or unqualified.

        YES, Thats debtors prison. Does he get payday loans too? How about a second job? How about cutting back on the Whoppers, instead follow Jackie Spears model for eating on $3.00 per day?

        HERE’S what I will tell you. The OC Registers update, a tube of toothpaste as proof????? Show us the lease. How about his BofA statement, which I just read is mailed OUTSIDE the district.

        Keep it up union Man

        • Well my understanding (unverified) is that you make more than $125,000/year also, and yet you can’t afford a better name to post under than “Zurf.” Does that make you stupid? (Don’t answer that.)

          Perez is, if I recall, the first of his family to get a graduate degree. He’s a “hope of the community” sort. He doesn’t live ostentatiously. I expect that he has had a lot of financial obligations — or maybe just demands that he was been willing to fill for needy friends and family — since his time at Michigan. “Loser, slacker, fraud?” That you can’t imagine anything other than that is just a demonstration of your own myopia and ignorance.

          Take your complaints about the Register story to Andrew Galvin, who will probably tell you first of all that it wasn’t just about a tube of toothpaste. He was essentially writing an unlabeled correction for his employer; he pretty much had to have his act together.

          Oh, and he does have a second job, Zurf: he’s running for State Assembly. The pay isn’t great, but when you’re a “hope of your community,” sometimes you do what doesn’t bring you the most money.

    • I don’t think I’d cast that net far or wide. You might pick up some candidates (and officials) that you’d rather not know about. Some of them are even running against Julio.

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