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Posted by OC Insider on March 13, 2012

Many have gotten the wrong impression of AD72 candidate Travis Allen, based only on a strategically timed blog smear over the weekend, timed to try to trip up Allen before the Republican Party’s endorsement confab last weekend.

Travis has been a life-long Republican, and a business owner in Orange County for more than a decade.

He has contributed thousands of dollars to Republican candidates, and tens of thousands to Pro-Israel causes throughout the country.

He has been a Member of both the Lincoln Club of Orange County and the New Majority.

For anyone who has ever met Travis, he is unquestionably a fiscal conservative – seeing both in his own business and with his clients the troubles of big government taxing and regulating too much.

For Troy Edgar of all people to try to attack Allen for having given some money to Democrats is especially rich – as Edgar was himself a Democrat for most of the past decade, only having opportunistically switched over just in time to run for City Council in 2006.

That’s right, for Bush v Gore, in the aftermath of 9/11, for Gray Davis v Bill Simon, for the Gray Davis Recall, for Bush v Kerry, and even up to the Primary of Angelides v Westly – Troy Edgar was a high-propensity Democrat voter. He didn’t even vote in the Primary for the man he is trying to replace. When Jim Silva was on the ballot against Diane Harman and Mike McGill in the Republican Primary in 2006, Edgar cast his vote in the Democrat Primary.

None of those pitched battles or moments in history could convince Troy Edgar to become a Republican, only his own selfish political interests of trying to obtain office in Orange County… Telling, isn’t it?

This race is just getting started. Troy Edgar has a liberal voting record that he has been trying to hide and a record of corruption that is hard to ignore. Of course then it makes sense for him to be slinging mud, trying to paint his opponent into a corner just as he was getting started. He sure doesn’t want people paying attention to his own past.

Unfortunately for Troy, voters will look past a single smear… and that clearly has Edgar scared.


  1. Lurk said

    While a Los Al councilman, Troy Edgar was a huge supporter of a ludicrous Maglev project that was being promoted by a virtually unknown and unnecessary Joint Powers Authority in south LA County, the Orangeline Development Authority (http://olda.org). Eventually, he lost the support of his Council and Los Al backed out of the JPA to save their five-figure membership fee, but not before Edgar went to the OCTA to pitch the train and got EVISCERATED at a Board meeting by the late Richard Dixon. Edgar had his intestines removed with far superior arguments (and by a smarter politician) and handed to him that morning. Later, Edgar was apoplectic when he lost in his Council’s vote on OLDA membership and then had to give up his Board position in it.

    What do you say about Troy Edgar’s judgment in that he wanted to compete with the equally ridiculous California High-Speed Rail project and run an unfundable 100+ mph elevated Maglev train between Santa Clarita and Irvine? These under-the-radar JPAs are merely resume builders and pipe dreams that drain money from already broke City Councils (OLDA included metropolitan masterpieces like Maywood, Bell and Vernon). Their Board is compensated $100/meeting, so there’s even a little cashflow if you show up for the free dinner.

    Well said above, Edgar’s just a political opportunist with a nasty temper and an attitude. To most of the new 72nd, he’s also a carpet bagger. We don’t need his kind and an ex-Democrat in this District. The Assembly is in sad enough shape and needs more professional members than what Troy Edgar represents — ask the folks in Los Al who’ve put up with his nonsense for so long.

    Let’s also hope that some of those coveted endorsements get re-thought now that Travis Allen is in the race.

  2. Travis is an honorable man and a great defender of Republican ideals. He is highly active in the party, and puts his time and money where his mouth is. I would encourage all conservatives in the 72 A.D. to get behind Travis!

  3. A few questions, if I may:

    (1) Out of curiosity: if Edgar is so vulnerable, why did Matt Harper high-tail it away so quickly?

    (2) You mention a “record of corruption,” yet I didn’t see examples offered. Have you any?

    (3) In response to “Lurk’s” statement “To most of the new 72nd, he’s also a carpet bagger” — are you using some definition of the term “carpet bagger” (or “carpetbagger”) other than the standard one. He lives in the new district. That would seem to be a pretty good defense, wouldn’t it?

    By the way: to me, as Republicans Allen and Edgar are the same at this point. I write out of simple curiosity at these attacks.

    • met00 said

      (1) No one has any idea why Harper dropped out (and I did talk to people who had asked me to support him [I’m a (D) so it was out of the question, but they did ask) – and that was before Edgar changed from his Congress run).

      (2) go to http://www.losalfacts.com/ and read http://www.losalfacts.com/losalfacts_2.pdf (letsfixlosal.com, which is currently down due to a hacker attacking the site, but should be up in a week after it gets restored, updated and hardened from hacking) has much more on Mr. Edgar.

      (3) Just prior to running for City Council in Los Alamitos Mr. Edgar had spent his time living in Rossmoor (apparently about the same time he suddenly realized that he was in the wrong party).

      Note: As a (D) in AD72 I KNOW I will not be represented by someone who actually represents me, but I felt that it was important that the questions you asked get as much of an answer as I can give as a resident of Los Al.

      • OC Insider said

        Harper also held a fund raiser just hours before he announced he was quitting. Any bets on if he returned the money?

  4. Truth Teller said

    Do as I say not as I do should be Edgar’s campaign slogan.

    Troy Edar is the City of Los Alamitos rep on the executive committee of the financially bloated Orange County Sanitation District. In a secret illegal meeting, Edgar and his committee voted in favor of outrageous pay increases for “unidentified” staff. Confronted with the illegal vote the executive committee had to re-vote in an open public session.

    How did Edgar vote when he knew his vote would be publicized? You guessed it … NO to the pay increase.

    No matter, his DEM collegues still carried the day and the outreageous pay increases were awarded.

    In secret he votes yes and in public he changes his vote to no.

    Just what we need in Sacramento, “Another man of conviction”

  5. OC Insider said

    Edgar’s going to have to debate his “top two” opponent before November, so there’s plenty of time to explore his support of an elevated maglev rail system that http://olda.org wanted to build through the heart of Orange County when he was their Vice Chairman (before his Los Al City Council exited the JPA against his vocifierous objection). It was a ridiculous notion, had no ridership estimates and would have cost more per mile than the equally ridiculous Bullet Train it would’ve competed with. Edgar also has to answer for his relationships with the Los Al trash haulers and his manipulation of their contracts. He should also be asked why the Lincoln Club and the Atlas PAC wouldn’t endorse him.

    One wonders where Edgar’s money is coming from. He claims to own two companies, one in IT consulting named Global Conductor and another that no one can find which is supposedly in underground construction. Global Conductor is nothing more than a recruiter operating off his kitchen table with an impressive website and not much else. One wonders what the name of his other company is?

    Why does Edgar want this ~$90k/pa job (with a big per diem), travel heavy job if he’s apparently successful enough to fund his own campaign? He’s trying to buy it. He needs the money and seems willing to mortgage his family’s future to get it (is he on his second or third marriage?).

    Edgar’s a party poodle, trailing behind Baugh and Rohrabacher, just holding their coats. He’s a relative unknown in the OC GOP, well on its fringe until he saw an opportunity to abandon his Congressional campaign that he was sure to lose. He’d have never entered this race had Diep and Harper departed it.

  6. Kris said

    Travis Allen is doing it right! He’s a REAL Republican…. He even signed a “No New Taxes” pledge! Definitely has my vote this election.


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