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PAC Formed for Julio Perez in AD-69

Posted by Chris Nguyen on March 6, 2012

Back in November, the Orange County Federation of Labor endorsed Julio Perez for the 69th Assembly District.  Then last month, the OC Labor Fed formed the “Orange County Dignity PAC to Support Julio Perez for Assembly 2012.”  How much money is in there is unknown, as the next campaign finance reports for the period ending March 17 aren’t due until March 22.  However, we do know at least $1,000 was dropped in the committee on February 10, as the PAC’s Form 410 filing indicates the committee qualified on February 10; under California campaign finance rules a committee “qualifies” the day its aggregate contributions reaches $1,000.

Even those March 22 figures for the period ending March 17 aren’t final, as the OC Labor Fed could dump in money at any time.  The next campaign finance report due after that covers March 18 through May 19 isn’t due until May 24.  The Form 497 report of contributions received in excess of $1,000 is due 24 hours after of receipt; for a candidate the Form 497 must be filed for each $1,000+ contribution received from March 7 (tomorrow) through June 4 (the day before the primary), but for a PAC, the Form 497 must only be filed for each $1,000+ contribution received from May 20 through June 4.

If they wait until March 18 to drop large sums of money into their PAC, the OC Labor Fed could leave everyone guessing until May 24 how much they’re really dumping in the race.  May 24 is pretty late in the game for someone to raise (and spend) money to counter the PAC.  The PAC could be a paper tiger to scare everyone in the race, or it could be a formidable financial vehicle to promote Perez’s candidacy, and no one will know likely until May 24 (although if they start pounding the district with mail, robocalls, etc., we’ll know it’s the latter by April); this of course assumes that they don’t dump an enormous sum in by March 17, in an attempt to scare donors away from the other candidates.

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