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Assembly Candidate Burns John Campbell

Posted by Lassie on February 22, 2012

As an elected official one of the unwritten rules is that when someone endorses you for public office, that endorsement should be reciprocated. At the Central Committee Meeting on Monday many of my colleagues on other councils and school districts voted to endorse John Campbell in his re-election bid. Unfortunately that number fell one short of the 2/3 requirement to earn the endorsement.

One vote in particular surprised me after I heard about it, and that was the vote of Assembly candidate Robert Hammond who is running in the 69th Assembly District, who chose to oppose Campbell’s endorsement. I went to his website to check whether or not Campbell had endorsed him and indeed Campbell had endorsed Hammond. This is a total slap in the face to stand up and vote no on this endorsement.

Even if Hammond were to simply not stand up and vote Campbell would have received the endorsement, because the threshold for 2/3 would have been lowered by 1 vote. I am not saying that Hammond should become a robot that automatically blindly backs ever incumbent or member of the establishment bt in this situation he could have easily returned the favor.

As an elected official who is a Republican I will alway endorse somebody that has endorsed me as long as they are a Republican, with just one small exception. If multiple candidates running for the same office have endorsed me I will either stay out or dual endorse.

I would hope that either Robert Hammond changes his mind and makes a motion to reconsider at the next meeting or Congressman Campbell pulls his endorsement of Robert Hammond

53 Responses to “Assembly Candidate Burns John Campbell”

  1. junior said

    or, Hammond could reject Campbell’s endorsement.

    Thanks Robert – job well done!

  2. OC Insider said

    Good for Hammond. And Junior’s right, Robert should drop the Campbell endorsement — not that it matters, he’s gonna get creamed by some worthless Democrat.

    As an unelected, non-Honorable, I’ll also anonymously offer that these endorsement mean little to the average voter. They are a good indication of who’s in and who’s out within the Party but the average voter seems to care less. Otoh, last night’s vote does send a strong message to an establishment Republican that about a third of his support group isn’t pleased with his act.

    Yea, John…TARP did matter, especially as it’s your kids who’ll pay it off (assuming we’re not another Chinese province by then). You were wrong to have voted for it, and even more wrong to have supported Cash for Clunkers which should go down as one of the worst government stimulus frauds in history.

  3. Ocpoliticsblog said

    Could TARP be any worse than the stupid wars Bush started – wars Royce and Rohrabacher supported? Do you boys think ANYTHING good will come from the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars? Really? FAIL.

  4. Ocpoliticsblog said

    And now an honorary title for the turncoat Hammond – http://ocpoliticsblog.com/69th-a-d-republican-candidate-hammond-is-now-an-honorary-agranista/

    • junior said

      Pedroza – You can stop pimping your horse excrement blog here and everywhere else – no one cares.

      • Ocpoliticsblog said

        I am sure Mike Tardiff, aka junior, that you wish to believe that. But my OC Politics blog, which I launched on January 1 of this year, already has racked up over 8,200 visits. Apparently some people do care.

        • TwitterBot said

          Can you explain Mr. Pedroza why you wrote: “Supervisor Janet Nguyen may be up to her old tricks again. In the past she has used anonymous surrogates to do her dirty work, including buying URLs similar to those used by her political opponents, and redirecting them to nasty sites.”

          Excuse me but isn’t this was you lost a federal lawsuit for? But you routed URLs to gay porn and NAMBLA and suggested this was parody. You’re sick and twisted to accuse Nguyen of this when you did far worse.

          You tried to stiff creditors by filing for bankruptcy a second time and you owe back taxes to the federal government and the state government. I’m sure your wife and children are proud of you. Should we remind people you were sued by your former friends? What does that say about the sort of man, and I used that term with digust, you are. What will those moderate families of Santa Ana say about your preference for gay porn and NAMBLA?

          Your new blog gets lots of visits because you buy traffic which is what your old OJ bloggers say. But you don’t get a lot of comments do you? We’re still waiting for you to write about Sal Tinajero’s endorsement of Julio Perez. You’d write nice things about Perez if he paid you. There’s a term for what you are and you can find it on Harbor Blvd late at night.

        • TwitterBot said

          You buy traffic. Your new blog gets few comments. You announced Facebook commenting and then keep anon attacks going because you’d lose the three people who comment regularly. Will you disclose that Martinez is paying you to call her the “leading” candidate in her assembly race. Maybe she can pay you to teach her how to spell.

    • Disgusted said

      This is spam trying to redirect readers to a hate and garbage blog.
      Of the 11 comments here, 6 of them are from 1 person! Really?
      I realize OC Political is new but, in order to be sustainable, this blog needs to be clean and promote intelligent dialogue here without the drama, attacks, and hate filled rants that all of Art Pedroza’s blogs devolve into.

  5. Thomas Anthony Gordon said

    So why is it ok for John Campbell to vote his conscious but not ok for Robert Hammond to vote his?

    • Ocpoliticsblog said

      Because Campbell endorsed Hammond. Being a backstabber isn’t terribly attractive.

      Hammond was already irrelevant. Now he is also an Agranista.

      • TwitterBot said

        You know all abotu being a backstabber Pedroza

        • Do I? When Thomas Gordon ran for Mayor of Santa Ana I wrote his ballot statement – and sent my wife to city hall to pay for it minutes before the deadline. Ask him. But he eventually chose to ally with Santa Ana’s Usual Suspects.

          When Ryan Williams (now Trabuco) ran for Assembly I was the only one who helped him. I wrote his sole mailer. When his appendix burst Paul Lucas and I were the only ones who visited him at the hospital. He chose eventually to ally with the Democrats at the Lib OC.

          I am no backstabber, but people in politics, particularly here in the OC, put politics ahead of people. I’ll never understand that. Nor will I ever understand why the GOP turned on Latinos, after Reagan did so much for them.

          The Republicans have lost the black vote and the gay vote. Now they have just about lost the Latino vote. Hammond style politics are all about diminishing returns. You guys are killing your party.

          • TwitterBot said

            wah wah wah, you’ve since called Gordon a Mexican hater when he is no such thing. You throw people under the bus when it’s convenient for you. Why not remind people you used to be Lupe Moreno’s campaign manager?

            • I used to be a Republican too, but I publicly disavowed the party and quit the OC GOP Central Committee. Gordon, on the other hand, is still hanging out with Moreno, isn’t he?

              • TwitterBot said

                you change parties like people change underwear; but you’re a political skidmark in the shorts of OC politics. Why don’t you just rename your new blog “People Art Hates” .. the only thing “lame” in the blogosphere is you.

  6. Tim Whitacre said


    Please knock off the drama, Mr. Hammond “Burned” no one; he did the right thing and was consistent.

    To set the record straight, Mr. Hammond voted for my Substitute Motion to not have the Party EARLY ENDORSE in this race because Mr. Campbell has a fellow Republican running against him – He’s the ONLY Republican Incumbent Congressman who has a challenger. That’s what Primary Elections are for. Had there been other Incumbents who faced a Republican challenger, I would have pulled their names and made the same Motion as well… When my Motion failed, almost all of the same people (including Mr. Hammond) voted the same way on the Main Motion to EARLY ENDORSE.

    Mr. Hammond did not refuse to endorse Mr. Campbell personally at Central Committee; rather, he voted to not have the Party EARLY ENDORSE Mr. Campbell. There’s a BIG difference!

    Lassie, as a member of the Incumbency Protection Club I know it may be hard to understand this, but as equally ELECTED Officials of the OCGOP, some of us actually take our responsibilities seriously and try to do what’s right for the sake of the Party vs. Incumbents who only know us when endorsement time come around.

    An endorsement of the Party should be EARNED each Election; not passed out Early just because someone is an Incumbent. Should Mr. Campbell win the Primary Election, I’m sure Mr. Hammond – as well as most of the rest of us who voted against the Early Endorsement – will vote to have the Party endorse him at that time.

    Regarding your comment encouraging Mr. Hammond (or anyone else who voted against the early endorsement of Campbell) to pull a “Carona” and move to reconsider the Motion next month, that would be met with vigorous opposition and would make an unnecessary firestorm that will give the Party yet ANOTHER black eye regarding endorsement games… Campbell lost fair and square… Give it a rest and wait for the June meeting. Mr. Campbell should have no problem then.

    Tim Whitacre
    69th Assembly District

  7. junior said

    A friendly reminder – and I am guilty as well – it is best to ignore some people.

  8. don scott said

    The Tim Whitacres and Allan Bartletts (he is not even a Republican) of the world are destroying the conservative movement and the Republican Party. Last year when Whitacre ran for President of Central Committee, he trashed Baugh and Bucher for stealing money and being corrupt. He didn’t care about doing the right thing then, it was all about getting elected. Where is his apology now? For sake of doing the right thing?

    • Allan Bartlett said

      I’d be happy to get you the info Don that proves that I have been registered here in OC as a Republican since I turned 18 back in 1988 and voted for George HW Bush as my forst Presidential vote. You’re pissed because the so called “conservatives” you refer to have been selling out the true conservative movement for years and there is finally starting to be some push back on that.

      • don scott said


        • Allan Bartlett said

          So now i’m a racist. Got it. Hey Chris & Chris, what is the new blog policy of calling someone a racist without providing evidence? I guess all the Ron Paul supporters across the country are racist then. Amazing.

          EDITORS’ NOTE: We’ve redacted the comment Allan is referring to on the basis that it was an off-topic attack on a commenter.

    • Tim Whitacre said

      “Don Scott”,

      You lie. Provide the solid evidence to your ludicrous claim(s). You can’t even get it right regarding the position I ran for… Why am I NOT surprised…?

      I’d rather stand on truth with one man like Allan Bartlett than compromise my ethics and integrity for hopes of getting a pat on the head and a bone tossed to me by the powers that be for doing their bidding – like you.

      @Blog Owners,

      I was hoping this Blog would be different from the other character assassination mills out there; that you would be one that requires comments to be relevant to the topic of the post – and truthful. Please resist the temptation to become “anonymous” shills for ANYONE. A lot of people would truly enjoy an objective, right-of-center blog in O.C.

      • don scott said


      • When we launched the blog, we were hoping to take a more laissez-faire approach to the commenters, with individual responsibility at play.

        However, for whatever reason, this particular post seemed to spawn a bit of abuse. If you look down at Emami’s comment from 12:07 PM on 2/23 below and mine from 9:53 PM on 2/23 below, we explain the present comment set-up and the new rules specifically requiring relevant comments. Consequently, we are redacting the grossly abusive comments that occurred after 2/23 at 9:53 PM. (We are leaving up comments where people defended themselves against an attack even though it’s off-topic, as people certainly should be able to defend themselves.)

        As the off-topic comments have restricted themselves to this post, we don’t see the need to mandate approval on all comments. However, if this becomes a more widespread problem, we may move to that.

        With regard to Don Scott, we have no reason to believe he isn’t one of the 9 registered Republicans in Orange County named Don Scott.

        We’re not seeking objectivity per se, as we do welcome opinion, but we certainly don’t welcome character assassination. The intent of the large blogroll is to allow for a diversity of right-of-center posts. We prefer to err on the side of free speech, but we are going to redact abusive comments.

      • Tim,

        All I can say is that we are doing the best that we can.

  9. Disgusted said

    10 of the 21 comments above belong to Art Pedroza or his various aliases (ocpoliticsblog is one of his many).
    I was hoping this blog would not devolve like so many others have when Art gets involved, but it appears that he intends to hijack intelligent dialogue here and replace it with his petty childish back and forth attacks and distractions from any rational input.

  10. An FYI to commenters as I have received ths question multiple times today. Once you have had a comment approved tour comments automatically get posted without the need for moderation, we still reserve the right to delete that comment if libelous. If you have not previously had a comment approved than it will be required to be manually approved at the earliest chance one of the administrators can get to it.

    Let’s try to keep things civil and focus on the issues. I have a lot if problems with the logic used in this post, but I respect the rights of the author to make posts on opinion.

  11. Emami’s the nice editor. I’m the grumpier editor.

    Let me note the following stats. On the blog as a whole, there are 34 readers per comment. On this post, there are 5 readers per comment.

    Of the 31 comments above, 6 are actually about the topic at hand. 25 are comments in the Art war. For clarity’s sake, I am referring to the comments from Ocpoliticsblog, Junior, TwitterBot, and Disgusted.

    This will not be tolerated in the future. We reserve the right to delete wildly off-topic comments, which the 25 mostly are. However, we’ll leave the 25 since they all occurred before this warning.

    No post on OC Political has ever been hijacked by ridiculously off-topic commenters before. This is the first and last time this will happen.

  12. junior said

    AB said: “.. what is the new blog policy of calling someone a racist without providing evidence?”

    I think that you should leave it up to Gustavo to determine who is racist. He makes it real easy. If you are a Republican you are racist and if you are white you are racist. See how easy that is.

  13. I was impressed by the political courage I saw at the OCGOP meeting that denied Rep. Campbell the endorsement. What surprised me was that so many central committee members would vote to endorse Rep. Campbell despite the severe mistakes in his voting record.

  14. http://ocpoliticsblog.com/why-are-the-oc-tea-partiers-ripping-campbell-but-giving-spitzer-a-free-pass/

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