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Assemblyman Wagner’s January Newsletter

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on January 31, 2012

This newsletter came across the wire yesterday from Assemblyman Don Wagner’s office:

legislative update

2012 State of the State Address

The following is an excerpt from Assemblymember Wagner’s Press Release immediately following the 2012 State of the State Address.
Wagner objected to the governor’s efforts to couple his call for tax increases with threatened cuts to education. Echoing the headlines of several papers that the governor is holding education hostage to his tax increase ploy, Wagner called for the full funding of the state’s obligation to fund education. “The governor’s budget grows state spending over the next few years, he’s looking for taxes increases to fund that growth, and he’s threatening education if he doesn’t get his way?” asked Wagner. “That’s not right!” He added, “The governor spoke about turning more control of education over to local districts, and that’s great rhetoric. But his actions don’t match the talk. This is the same governor who signed an outrageous CTA backed bill last year tying the hands of local districts trying to respond to his unfortunate and unnecessary education cuts.”

To read Assemblymember Wagner’s response in full, please click this link.

in the district

The 3rd Annual Irvine Korean Festival

Hundreds of people gathered at the Irvine Civic Center Plaza on Saturday afternoon to celebrate the city’s third annual Korean Cultural Festival. The Korean Festival was a spectacular affair that represented the best of the Korean heritage. Residents and guests enjoyed an eclectic assortment of Korean dishes and observed age old Korean traditions in calligraphy and art. The Festival also provided talented demonstrations of Tae Kwon Do (Korean martial arts), famous Korean singers, and traditional dances.

I’m grateful that the City of Irvine hosted this wonderful event and opened its doors for the many guests and visitors to take part in the festive occasion. I am joined by fellow legislators and elected officials to give special commendations and thanks to Irvine City Councilman Steven Choi, Amy Choo, and all the staff and volunteers who made this day a success for the community.

high school football

Football Season is Officially Over!

January is typically met with mixed emotions by football teams in my district. I am privileged to represent cities that produce the highest quality football teams in the State. This January, I attended multiple sport banquets to congratulate all the finalists and the winners of this year’s Football CIF Championships.

Although not all teams can emerge as the victors in a championship round, there is truth to be said in that old adage that the credit belongs to the man in the arena. I extend my best regards and congratulations to all the teams in my district and I am sure I will see some of you at CIF’s next year!

Local Business / programs

Ribbon Cuttings and Special Recognition

Congratulations to the following businesses for their recent ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremonies in the 70th District: Tamarind of London, Office Max, Green Egg Media, The Hewes Middle School Activity Center, A.G. Currie Middle School Activity Center, SERVCORP, Subway, Tasti D-Lite, KB Homes, Cucina Enoteca, Peter’s Gourmade Grill, Service Master, and Wetzel’s Pretzels.

Special Recognition: Newport Harbor High School Culinary Arts Program, Janet Dukes, Irvine Midget Chargers, Beckman High School Football Team, Corona del Mar High School Water Polo Team, Corona Del Mar High School Football Team, El Toro High School Football Team, El Toro High School Water Polo Team, Laguna Beach Water Polo Team, Eagle Scout: Francisco Palop, Eagle Scout: Kevin Luttrell, and Eagle Scout: Matthew Gutierrez.

DISTRICT OFFICE 3 Park Plaza, Suite 150 Irvine, CA 92614 (949) 863-7070, (949) 863-9337 fax CAPITOL OFFICE State Capitol, Room 4153 Sacramento, CA 95814 (916) 319-2070, (916) 319-2170 fax

5 Responses to “Assemblyman Wagner’s January Newsletter”

  1. junior said


    I hope that you do not post many of these self agrandizing newsletters by electeds – they really are annoying to scroll past or to receive as new posts.

    Best of luck with the new blog.

    • I think that we are going to probably going to keep posting them, but I will take your comments to heart and will consider creating a separate page for them. What are your thoughts on press releases?

  2. junior said

    “What are your thoughts on press releases?”

    Same – they tend to crowd out more substantive posts.

    • junior said

      Perhaps you could post the first paragraph of newsletters and press releases – and then have a “more” hyperlink to the balance.

      • Good suggestion, junior. We’ll keep posting the newsletters and press releases because there is reference value in hearing what the electeds have to say. (Sometimes they do conflict with each other.) However, your suggestion makes sense to have the “Read the rest of this entry” link makes sense since these newsletters and press releases can overwhelm the page.

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