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With Budget Cuts & Tuition Increases, Should UC & CSU Spend $169,000,000 to Subsidize D-I Athletics?

Posted by Chris Nguyen on July 13, 2012

This swimmer isn’t the only thing underwater in NCAA Division I Public Universities

USA Today has a database showing every public NCAA Division I university’s revenue, expenditures, and subsidies on athletics.

Only seven universities had athletic revenue exceed athletic expenditures without a subsidy: Texas, Purdue, Penn State, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Nebraska, and Louisiana State (LSU).

Here’s the size of subsidies received by California’s public NCAA Division I universities:

UCLA $2,587,439
Cal State Bakersfield $5,598,086
Cal State Fullerton $7,449,705
Fresno State $8,398,998
Cal State Long Beach $9,499,251
Cal State Northridge $9,529,469
UC Berkeley (Cal) $10,505,850
San Jose State $11,367,799
UC Santa Barbara $11,484,580
UC Irvine $11,833,894
UC Riverside $11,872,584
Cal State Sacramento $13,722,863
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo  $16,356,737
San Diego State $18,140,124
UC Davis $20,953,181

At a time of budget cuts, tuition increases, class reductions, and enrollment reductions, should UC & CSU really be spending this much money to subsidize athletics?  Aren’t athletic departments supposed to subsidize the universities, not the other way around?

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