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Tom Mauk Resigns Effective August 3rd

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on July 26, 2012

It appears that Orange County Executive Officer Tom Mauk has announced his resignation according to the Los Angeles Times. We here at OC Political do not have a lot of information on this as of yet but will report more when we do. For those that have been living under a rock for the past few months Mauk has come under fire after the arrest of Carlos Bustamante. Many argue that the County did not handle the situation in the best manner and with Mauk being the man at the top of the food chain he is likely to be the one to take the heat on this.

(UPDATE 8:22 PM) The Orange County Register has an article up that fills in some of the blanks on this developing story. It appears that Mauk will not be leaving without a pretty hefty severance package. He appears to be set to get a $270,000 severance.

One of the more interesting points in the Register article was this tidbit:

Mauk’s resignation agreement with county supervisors says the county won’t be on the hook for legal representation if Mauk is charged with a criminal offense arising from his employment. He will, however, be indemnified in any civil lawsuits.

The County has an acting CEO in place until September 11th where they will appoint an interim CEO while they are in the process of finding somebody to take over the post on a permanent basis.

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