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Poll: 65% of Americans Trust Obama Over Romney to Handle Alien Invasion

Posted by Chris Nguyen on June 29, 2012

Happy Friday, readers!

In a new poll, National Geographic has found an issue that should gravely concern the Mitt Romney campaign and thrill the Barack Obama campaign.

65% of Americans believe Obama would better handle an alien invasion than Romney.

65% of Americans believe the man in the picture on the left is better suited to handle the situation in the middle picture than the man in the picture on the right

There is a gender split on this pressing issue though, as 68% of women but only 61% of men believe Obama would deal with an alien invasion better than Romney.

On this, as with many other issues, Obama fares better with younger voters than older voters. 68% of citizens under the age of 65 believe Obama could better manage an attack by space aliens than Romney while only 50% of citizens over the age of 65 believe Obama would be more successful in case of an alien attack.

79% of Americans apparently believe that the government is hiding information about UFOs.  55% believe there’s a government agency similar to Men in Black that goes after Americans who have seen UFOs.

More info on the National Geographic poll here and here.

Jay Leno has a theory as to why Obama dominated Romney in the ability-to-handle-alien-invasion poll: “Once the aliens landed, they’d see there were no jobs, and they would go back home.” (See 2:18 in Jay Leno’s Tonight Show June 28 Monologue.)

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