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City of Los Angeles Board of Public Works $134K Commissioners

Posted by Allen Wilson on July 31, 2013

City of Los AngelesThe Los Angeles Times reported yesterday about former Mayoral candidate Kevin James who was grilled by the Los Angeles City Council for a seat on the Board of Public Works.

James was appointed by Mayor Eric Garcetti and confirmed by the city council on a vote of 11-0.

Then, Times goes on to explain at the bottom of the article that each Commissioner on the Board of Public Works pulls a six-figure salary of $134,000, which is the ONLY city commission that pay such hefty sum.

The Board is comprised of 5 members, which includes former Assemblyman Mike Davis.

If Angelenos didn’t know their hard working taxpayer funds are being used as a salary for a city commissioner should give City Hall a piece of their minds.

So, Kevin: Are you going to call for fiscal restraint by cutting back on the salary as a newly install Commissioner?

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