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OC GOP Opposes SB 277 (Pan) – Schoolchildren Vaccination Bill

Posted by Chris Nguyen on June 16, 2015

wpid-ocgop-logo-1_400x400.jpgLast night, the Republican Party of Orange County voted to approve a resolution opposing SB 277, the bill by Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) on vaccination of schoolchildren.

Proposed by OC GOP Sergeant-at-Arms Tim Whitacre, the resolution passed after a short discussion with many SB 277 opponents in the audience.

OC GOP Chairman Fred Whitaker opened the discussion on the resolution by speaking about individual liberty, the overreach of government, and how many Democrats were re-registering as Republicans in light of SB 277.

OC GOP Second Vice Chair Mary Young spoke against the resolution, speaking of her experience as a young woman personally witnessing the effects of polio, with people being disabled and people needing to use iron lungs to breath.  She expressed her fear about the return of polio.

OC GOP Sergeant-at-Arms Tim Whitacre, the resolution’s author, echoed Chairman Whitaker’s points about the overreach of government and how many Democrats were re-registering as Republicans in light of SB 277.  Whitacre also spoke of individual liberty and the rights of parents.

OC GOP Secretary Peggy Huang was not present but instructed her alternate to vote against the resolution and to read a statement about the efficacy of vaccines and the declaration by Autism Speaks that vaccines are not linked to autism.  There were murmurs objecting to those statements from the SB 277 opponents who were in attendance at the meeting.

OC GOP Central Committee Member Robert Hammond spoke in favor of the resolution, noting his 14 years of experience as a public school teacher.  Neither he nor any of his colleagues had a single unvaccinated student in any of their classes.  He spoke of how he and other teachers would go into the community to encourage vaccinations and how every parent with an unvaccinated child in the community would choose to vaccinate their children when the teachers educated them on the issue.  Hammond explained that while he strongly supports vaccination, his opposition to SB 277 is on the basis that vaccination should be a personal responsibility, not coerced by the government.

The resolution passed by a voice vote.

Last week, the Assembly Health Committee approved SB 277 on a party-line vote of 12-6-1, with Assemblywoman Autumn Burke (D-Inglewood) not voting.

On May 14, the Senate passed SB 277 on a near-party-line vote of 25-11-3, with Republicans Anthony Cannella (D-Stanislaus County) and Jeff Stone (R-Riverside) in favor, Democrats Connie Levya (D-Chino) and Richard Roth (D-Riverside) against, and no votes recorded for Senators Tom Berryhill (R-Tuolumne County), Ben Hueso (D-San Diego), and Janet Nguyen (R-Garden Grove).

On April 28, SB 277 was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee on a party-line vote of 5-1-1, with Senator John Moorlach (R-Costa Mesa) not voting.

On April 22, the Senate Education Committee approved SB 277 on a 7-2 vote with Senator Andy Vidak (R-Kings County) joining six Democrats in favor of the bill while Senators Connie Leyva (D-Chino) and Sharon Runner (R-Lancaster) were in opposition.

On April 8, SB 277 was approved by the Senate Health Committee on a 6-2-1 vote, with Senator Janet Nguyen (R-Garden Grove) joining five Democrats in favor, Senators Jim Nielsen (R-Tehama County) and Richard Roth (D-Riverside) in opposition, and no vote recorded for Senator Ed Hernandez (D-West Covina).

The full text of the OC GOP resolution reads:


Whereas, the Republican Party of Orange County affirms its strong support of the Republican Party Platform – that the rights of parents are sacrosanct with regard to their children and believes in restraining government that would encroach upon those rights;

Whereas, the Republican Party of Orange County understands the United States Constitution and the California Constitution were established to protect individual freedoms and the rights of the minority;

Whereas, it is embedded in both Constitutions that citizens have a right to practice their personal beliefs freely without discrimination from the state and be afforded due process;

Whereas, we uphold the rights of parents to be informed first, and then consent to medical treatment for their children free of coercion, manipulation or fear of governmental intrusion;

Whereas, the current voluntary vaccination program is already proven effective at protecting Californians against life threatening complications and death associated with vaccine preventable illnesses;

Whereas, there is no medically defined epidemic in or near California that warrants such legislation from the Democratic controlled California State Senate and State Assembly and Republicans do not believe in adding to laws and regulations when enforcement of current laws and regulations are sufficient;

Whereas, the language of SB 277 gives the government unlimited power to add vaccines to the currently mandated school entry immunization battery without hearing or oversight, and removes the right of parental objection based upon sincerely held religious beliefs, and personal beliefs; now,

Therefore, be it Resolved, that the Republican Party of Orange County:

opposes SB 277 in its entirety;

calls on all Members of the California Assembly – especially Republicans – to strongly oppose SB 277;

affirms its staunch support of California parental rights to make decisions as to what is best for their children – especially consent to medical treatment for those children, without fear of reprisal or backlash; and

invites disaffected registered California Democrats and their families to abandon the Party that has abandoned them and re-register as Republicans just as dozens did at the recent Democratic Party State Convention; since the Republican Party is traditionally and demonstrably committed to defending parental and individual rights.

103 Responses to “OC GOP Opposes SB 277 (Pan) – Schoolchildren Vaccination Bill”

  1. James bonovich said

    THANK YOU! From a once life long democrat that is now a registered republican

  2. Christopher Corres said

    Thank you for taking a stand against medical tyranny!

  3. Melissa Dodd said

    You are brave wonderful American heroes¥¥¥ thank you! I love you ¥

  4. I am neither a Republican or a Democrat, but this new breed of totalitarian communist Democrats scares the hell out of me. And I cannot stand the way this state that I am a native of and have lived for nearly 46 years has gone from first in jobs and education to worst under the if we can call it Democrat LEADERSHIP (eye roll). Im at the point of wanting to move and I never ever thought Id say that. Its very very sad to me but Im seriously considering it if things don’t change and these lunatics don’t stop trying to take away my constitutional rights, like medical freedoms and the 2nd amendment. Its outrageous and Ive had just about enough of it. Id like to live in a state with open carry and Im looking into it currently.

    • Nancy said

      I have been thinking the same exact thing. And I am neither Democrat or Republican. And while I don’t agree with a lot of stances of Republicans, on this we agree. And I appreciate them taking a stance for freedom.

  5. Traci said

    Disappointed in the ones who voted against the resolution. :(

  6. stephanie said

    Thank you for your stance against medical tyranny. As an EX lifelong democrat, thank you republicans!! Also, I have great disappointment for those who voted against the measure, ALL medical procedures should be a matter of choice and informed consent. All medical procedures have risks, therefore you should have a choice. Besides, once a child has a reaction who takes care of that child?? Not society. Not the government. Not elected officials. Parents do!! So it should be the parents choice! In a time when 1 in 6 children have a learning disability; 1 in 9 have asthma; 1 in 10 have ADD/ADHD; 1 in 50 have autism and 1 in 2 adults will have cancer in their lifetime, I can honestly say that there is something wrong with our healthcare, environment and food. All of which is regulated by our government. Clearly they do not know what is best!

  7. Beyond the obvious violation of parental rights and choice-SB277 does nothing to address the fact that NO child is a guinea pig and vaccines treat children as such. There is no way of knowing for most folks, how they will react to a vaccine. The people who wrote SB277 don’t take into account that no child should have to be injured (on ANY level) to prove they “deserve” a medical exemption. (which are nearly impossible to obtain) I find this absurd. Severe vaccine reactions are certainly NOT 1 in a million. I appreciate the Republican Party for standing up for the rights of loving parents that choose a holistic and healthier approach to healthcare. Thank you.

  8. TS said

    Thank you for taking a stand in favor of parental rights! Mothers and Fathers of Califonia will not forget this when election time rolls around.

  9. Danielle stone said

    This resolution speaks volumes to those of us who are fighting this act government over reach. The Democratic Party has slammed it’s door in the faces of allegiant supporters and we will proudly rally behind anyone who so valiantly defends the rights of parent’s to maintain informed medical consent. SB277 is a deal breaker for former democrats and we are pulling our forces, spreading the word, and eagerly joining the Republican party. We are excited to vote more Republicans in office. Let’s make California a red state!

    Thank you from all of us.

  10. Amanda Artz-Zerbini said

    Thank you for putting parental rights above big PHARM AND governmental control. It is this reason that I have switched parties to republican. May your organization inspire other conservative groups statewide and across the USA.

  11. THANK YOU to the OC GOP for showing some common sense and protecting parental rights and medical freedom! Shame on you, Mary Young and Peggy Huang–your opposition to parental rights and medical freedom will NOT go unnoticed at the polls.

  12. Jennifer Pugh said

    Thank you for taking a stand for parental rights! No parent should be forced to vaccinate as long as there are potentially very harmful side effects!

  13. Sarah said

    Thank you! I will now be a Republican, as you voted to keep parents rights! Will also do my best to vote out those who voted for SB277!!

  14. Heather Wartanyan said

    I am very pleased and thank you deeply for standing up for my religious beliefs. And standing for the rights of our children and of the parents of California. Your courage will be blessed.
    Lord Bless you,

  15. Mom for Vaccinefreedom said

    As a lifelong Democrat, I am disgusted by my party’s choice to enforce medical tyranny. I am also certain they will be losing countless members, including myself. Thank you for standing up for parental rights!!

  16. Shona Tavitian said

    Thank you for protecting our freedoms!!!!

  17. Maggie Pulley said

    Thank you for this sensible resolution! It is so upsetting that politicians in this state believe they can ake away the rights of parents, when it comes to such an important issue. Where there is risk there should always be choice!

  18. Stacey Detrich said

    I just want to say that this is, “The United States of America, the land of the free. If this law passes what will be next that you force us to do. I personally spread the vaccines out. Common sense tells you given a baby seven shots at one time is not a good idea knowing all the chemicals in them. I’m glad all the names of the politicans are listed here so I know who to not for vote on the future.

  19. Anna Everson said

    Thank you so much! So proud to be living in Orange County, where apparently, there are many enlightened thinking people who are standing up to do what is right and save our freedom! God bless you all!

  20. Thankyou! As someone who just ditched the democratic party after voting straight democrat for over ten years, this is refreshing to see that the Republicans understand this issue!

  21. Leah said

    Thank you to the Republicans. This is truly standing up for our freedom. I hope all other Republicans across the state and across the country follow suit! I will be registering Republican!

  22. Alicia Malouff said

    Thank you!

  23. Thank you for recognizing the sanctity of parental rights and personal choice. Thank you for having common sense in recognizing that there is no epidemic or medical emergency, and for taking a stand against tyranny. Though I am not much of a fan of the two-party system in general, your action certainly opens my mind the Republican Party in a new way.

  24. Julie Dohrman said

    Thank you for passing a reasonable and sensible resolution. Everyone wants to keep their children safe but not everyone believes giving soo many vaccines in such a short time frame is reasonable. SB277 does not allow a slowerand/or delayed schedule to be given based on each individual child, and on on that principal alone, SB277 should never pass. AB2109 is working. CA has a very high vaccination rate and we don’t need to fix what isn’t broke by being strong armed by governement with an “or else” tactic. A very small percent are generally choosing to delay (not refuse) one or two vaccines based on their child, for example, the Hep B at birth vaccine. Hep B is passed by sexual activity and drug use, so many parents don’t believe newborn babies need it at that time. Later, yes, just not at birth. Thank you for being the critical thinking party with common sensability. We appreciate you!

  25. Nora Daly said

    Thanking u from the bottom of our hearts for standing up for our rights and taking a stand on this. God Bless U!!!!!

  26. Amanda K said

    My husband, my children, and my children’s future children thank all of you who voted to protect our constitutional and parental rights!

  27. SB said

    Thank you for opposing this tyrannical bill. I will be very sad indeed should this bill pass and freedom be thrown to the wayside. Freedom of choice and informed consent matter!

  28. Megan said

    This has made me the most proud I have ever been to be a registered republican since age 18. Thank you for standing on the side of liberty.

  29. THANK YOU! This is why I am a life long Republican. Our great country was created as a Republic by our forefathers to protect the rights of the individual. People often forget this (I tell people to recite the pledge….and to the Republic for which it stands). The whole point of this is to not let our government get TOO BIG and have TOO MUCH CONTROL over the people. Where as a Democracy is majority rule. Sometimes the “village” is crazy and you don’t want them having control over your child. Parental rights need to be protected. Any Republican that wants to support SB277, needs to be reminded of what being a Republican is…. They are suppose to protect our individual rights, or they are not a Republican. Regardless of where anyone stands on vaccines, you don’t want to allow the government to have control over your medical care and your body. By force and against our will are not words that should describe America. That will set a bad precedence for even further government control. We need to stop any such bills that steps on our human rights and remove the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 that protects vaccine manufacturers from liability. They have no incentive to make vaccines safe if there are no consequences when a child is injured. There are risks associated with any vaccine and thus there needs to be a choice. Individual preservative free vaccines should be available for those children on an alternative vaccine schedule. Titer testing prior to any booster should also be offered, to prevent over-vaccination on children already immune. Big Pharma lobbyists should not be at our Senate meetings pulling the strings on paid for puppets. We are suppose to have a Government of the people, by the people not controlling the people. Thank you again.

  30. Tarah said

    Thank you for standing up for the people against medical tyranny!

  31. Thank you for opposing this horrible Bill! A true threat to our civil liberties and medical responsibilities!

  32. ERIN said

    Thank you for protecting our freedoms and upholding the constitution and hearing our hearts.

  33. June said

    A huge THANK YOU to the OC GOP for protecting parental rights and medical freedom! Mary Young and Peggy Huang–your opposition to preserving our freedoms will follow you to the polls.

  34. Wendy said

    Thank you for supporting our human rights. ALL medical procedures should be a matter of choice and informed consent. All medical procedures have risks, therefore we need to have a choice.

  35. Gina said

    Thank you for protecting our freedom, standing up for parental rights, and understanding that private/public school should be for ALL children in California and voting NO on SB277. So proud to be a Republican!

  36. Tricia wilkinson said

    Thank you for protecting our children and parental rights!

  37. Bronwyn Leslie said

    My husband and I are reregistering as Republicans after being life- long Democrats. I am urging our local Republican Party to support parental rights and medical ethics. We are excited about the variety in the Republican presidential field and for the first time are looking at those candidates. We will support the ones who are also supportive of family and choice. I am also actively working to recall Democrats and welcome anyone who wishes to contact me about how we can turn California away from this dangerous precedent. This bill is indicitive of a pervasive attitude in the Democratic Party that goes against everything our country stands for. We are excited to join you. Thank you for standing up for all Californian children and families.

  38. themagiconions said

    Thank you for supporting parental rights. My children are A students who love school. Thank you for supporting their right to go to school and have the opportunity to reach their full potential. It’s unfathomable to me that, in this great country, their education is in jeopardy. Thank you for officially opposing this unconstitutional, discriminatory bill that denies religious freedom.

  39. Thank you for supporting parents rights and opposing SB277. This bill is a slippery slope. My very healthy child is partially vaccinated and would not be allowed to attend public school under this bill. I am proud to be a Republican. Thank you!

  40. Oxana said

    Thank you so much for standing up for our parental rights and voicing the opinion of thousands of Californians!

  41. Jennifer Woodlief said

    i am currently re registered as a republican over this issue. Thank you.

  42. radar said

    thank you – for letting parents rights continue in this great state

  43. Allie said

    Thank you for standing for individual and parental rights.

  44. Kara Willis said

    Thank you for standing up to protect our rights to personal and medical freedom. This Bill is a Bad Bill on so many levels.

  45. I agree with the stance of the OCGOP and thank them for standing up for personal liberty, medical autonomy, parental rights, and informed consent. While vaccines have been effective and necessary in our society, SB277 is overreaching and unnecessary. It would deny entrance to public school for children whose parents have opted out of even one dose or one vaccine on the current schedule (there are currently 49 doses of 17 vaccines on the schedule before kindergarten entrance – one is for a sexually transmitted disease given at birth, 2 more are for non-communicable diseases). For those concerned with a return of polio, it’s important to note that our current vaccine policy has worked and is working. There is no public health threat or outbreak, and California has all time high vaccination rates at or above the national average. Doctors must be allowed to work with their patients on an individual basis with regards to vaccination decisions. I feel so strongly in the OCGOP’s position on this matter that I am now a converted voter for the Republican Party.

  46. John Pelletier, DO said

    Well done.

  47. Stephanie said

    Thank you so much for your support. United we stand…

  48. Sharon Varnes said

    This is great! Now if San Diego county GOP would step up and do the same! This is not rocket science..this law is inconstitutional!

  49. Laura Rosano Runyeon said

    Thank you. I’ve been a lifelong Democrat and will be switching to the Republican party. My 22 year old son is vaccine injured. My 11 year son is partially vaccinated and I’m terrified he will suffer the same consequence of his older brother if he receives more vaccines. I’m a single mother who cannot homeschool because of financial reasons. Again, Thank You!!

  50. adrienne moore said

    Thank you so very much for having the greater sanity and sense to oppose SB 277. It is egregious, a breach of US law and ethics and violates both our Consitution and the Nuremburg Code. You have gained many supporters from your stance taken on this issue.

  51. Nicole said

    As lifelong Republicans we thank you very much for standing up for our freedom to choose. Stay strong and we appreciate you!! This bill is so scary.

  52. Julie said

    As I lifelong Republican I am embarrassed that you spat in the face of science and reason to oppose this bill. Vaccines save lives and prevent disease. There are lots of things that impose on our individual freedoms because they protect everyone else (no smoking in buildings comes to mind). Let’s use rational thought, and fact based decisions instead of letting fear control our actions.

  53. THANK YOU for fighting for our children’s health and future!!!

  54. Rachel said

    Thank you for standing up for parental rights. And for opposing this unconstitutional bill that will cause parents to have to choose between doing something they don’t think is right for their children, and giving them an education that they deserve.

  55. kristine said

    Thank you deeply for standing up for our religious freedoms and our parental rights. I am very concerned that elected officials would even attempt to take these away. I think this has awoken many Californians and we will pay more attention to who we elect in office! For me It will be the party who upholds their oath to follow the constitution and preserv
    be our liberty and freedom! Thank you again and God Bless!

  56. David Arthur said

    Thank you for helping people be heard on this matter. Vaccine injury is real. All medical procedures carry risk and where there is risk of injury, there HAS to be choice. That is our right as parents. If we allow this bill to pass, we give away our right to medical freedom. In my opinion, from researching vaccines and finding that vaccine injuries happen more than people are being told, I have found that the only ‘immunity’ given, is to the pharmaceutical companies from having Any responsibility for their own products. There are serious issues with our medical system. It is a system where people of all ages get sicker and sicker, while doctors, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies rake in the profits. My children are not to be used as labrats. We take health Very serious in our home and that means researching Everything that goes into our bodies.
    Democrats lost many voters on this. Mine and many others that I know about.

  57. Leslie said

    I got tears in my eyes when this vote went through. It’s the first time in months that I felt like elected officials cared about me and my family. Thank you for standing up for parental rights. I am a proud republican.

  58. Lisa P said

    I am leaving the democratic party because of SB 277 and look forward to being a proud republican. Thank you for supporting my parental rights.

  59. Michael C said

    Your vote proved that you can firmly believe in vaccines yet still be against over-reaching government. Like it was said the night of the vote: “If ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Thank you for your support.

  60. Allyson said

    Thank you for taking a stand on parental rights and medical freedom!

  61. Sharon said

    Thank you from a lifelong democrat…turned Republican. My eyes are now open due to the tyranny democrats are trying to enforce. NO on SB277. Keep parental rights entact

  62. EVU said

    Thank you for standing firm and protecting our parental rights.

  63. Lisa said

    Thank you for standing up for our rights and freedoms! Finally some “HOPE”!

  64. Christine S. said

    Thank you for standing up for parental rights! Proud to be a Republican today.

  65. Andrea Mortier said

    Well done, we need more courageous, intelligent & curious people just like you guys representing the people of Cali!

  66. Elisa marfise said

    Thank you for upholding the constitution and our rights as parents.

  67. Deniece Young said

    Thankyou for opposing the SB277 this has been a terrifying experience as a born and raised Californian, My family stands ready to move our Business and home. if this does pass state law. Ive seen so many families hurt from the vaccine schedule, it needs to be revisited, Everyone loves their doctors and loves modern medicine, that said, we know our children best, and know what their immunine systems can or cant handle, and to force / mandate toxins into the body when kids are not well is wrong. there are way too many documented cases. it has been discovered that a infant is born with more than 250 toxins in the umbilical cord, then as soon as babies are born they receive their first dosage? we need more studies / more test. Our world is so ill from Food problems and this will make us even more sick. Thankyou again, please impress upon your other politicians we have a ways to go, and I urge you to pass this forward by a Pediatrician Dr Michelle Perro paediatrician talks leaky gut, NCGS, toxicity & children https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbhnIVcKLQ8&feature=share
    also please consider this has very much to do with taking away our Freedoms as well.

  68. cindy sharp said

    I have a new faith in Republicans.. thank good ness we still have a 2 party system~! You have my vote! Please continue to honor our children our home our planet!

  69. c said

    Thank you! I typically vote democratic but I will be reconsidering as I believe this country is supposed to be the land of freedom.

  70. Jacqueline said

    Thank you for upholding our God given parent right to make medical decisions for our children, because they are ours not theirs! For decades we have trusted without question the CDC and FDA. We assumed they were approving only what was ‘safe’ to put in our bodies. Today 1 in 2 children are diagnosed with a chronic disease and they are not only asking us to keep trusting them but to force what they say science says is safe. Our sick kids don’t need science to tell us anything! 36 vaccines by kindergarten, 200 in the pipeline and they can add what ever they want??? NO on SB277

  71. Lisa P. said

    Thank you for defending our Republic and our liberty. I have been a life long democrat but can no longer stand with a party who governs by cohesion. I am changing my political party and am proud to call myself a Republican.

  72. Thank you for supporting our rights and freedoms!

  73. Cindy Olofsson said

    Thank you from another life-long democrat. Jumping ship come election time!

  74. Natasha McLean said

    THANK YOU for standing up for everyone’s rights. From a former democrat, home child care owner, nonvaxxing single mama.

  75. Chelsea said

    Thank you!!! Let’s stand up for our freedoms! Medical choice should not be a right that is taken away from us.

  76. Michelle said

    Bernie Sanders is a great person. He has been an Independent for 30 yrs and is only running as a Dem as to not split the vote. He is the only candidate not taking donations from corporations because he thinks it leads to corruption. This guy is awesome and I think if you see what he has to say you’ll be delighted. Another thing to think about and please bring this up to others who think voting Republican would be better, it won’t. Most Republicans and an increasing amount of Dems are bought off by billionaires and corporations. Hence the vote of SB-277. We need to get money out of politics and Bernie wants this soo bad for America. If a Republican gets in the White House we are screwed. In the near future 3-4 Supreme Court Justices will be replaced and if a Republican is in control will put in all conservative right wingers that want to strip us of all our civil liberties because the corporations paid for them to get in and they are bribed and beholden to them, not us. Again hence SB-277. People need to wake up and fast for the 2016 elections. We are no longer a Democracy but an Oligarchy. We need everyone to start to have a real conversation about this before we do lose our rights.

    • polly said

      The democratic party needs to take a national stand against witholding rights to public school for unvaccinated children.
      The republicans as well.
      And then support labeling gmos so parents can choos on that too.

  77. Caroline Morgan said

    My mother got polio from the vaccine. My 2nd daughter has permanent neurological damage from the MMR vaccine she received as a child. This issue is of utmost importance to me. We will NEVER again vaccinate. Thank you.

  78. Michelle Alexandria said

    so grateful
    No on sb277

  79. P said

    Where there is Risk – THERE MUST BE CHOICE!! thank you Pam from Arkansas

  80. clarkvent said

    Senator Pan and his Democratic enablers are a disgrace to the nation, and are spitting in the face of those heroic ancestors of ours who gave it all for the freedoms they so willingly sell to the drug companies in exchange for control.

  81. Megan Arce said

    Thank you for protecting parents’ rights and standing up against this obvious act of government overreach into our personal lives!

  82. Thank you for taking a firm stand against medical tyranny! I was a lifelong Democrat who recently re-registered Republican due to this bill. We may not agree on all things, but I am immensely grateful for your brave opposition to SB277 and will stand behind the Republican Party.
    – Former CA National Guardswoman who served during the Gulf Crisis, RN, MSW and mother of a vaccine injured child and a deceased child) unable to obtain a medical exemption).

  83. E. Travis said

    Thank you for standing up for what’s just. My family fought and died for the Constitutional right of Faith and Freedom, both of which SB277 tramples on. With all the amendments this bill is now so watered down it has failed it’s intention even before it has made it into law. Now we are left with the few healthy children that will no longer be allowed to go to school (their constitutional right) because of pure ego and greed. While our leaders sit in Sacramento voting for rights and giving more money for children who aren’t citizens. ALL children deserve these rights not just the homeless, illegal and disabled. Give SB2109 some air to catch fire, pass laws that require pharmaceutical companies to be responsible for their products, then maybe they will make a product everyone wants. Bottom line you can not force consent, and unless the government is going to take on the responsibility of this medical procedure and unless the government can prove that this watered down version can demonstrate it’s compelling State interest, California is going to be in for years of legal woes draining resources that we simply don’t have. Let our kids go to school. Thank you again for fighting the good fight.

  84. Lisa Griffin said

    Deep thank you for standing up against forced medical procedures and the threat to informed consent!

  85. Bianca Amann said

    Thank you for taking a stand against #SB277. I hope you all will take the same stance on #SB792. These are both bad bills with endless implementation problems and untold costs. I believe that neither bill will accomplish what it’s designed to do. Since this issue is so important to the make up of my classroom and my teaching career, it is my primary voting issue. I will now vote (and I always vote) for the candidate that supports parents rights for education, medicine and health. Unless parents have the freedom to push back on the medical and educational fields, they will not have options. Laws need to support them to do this. They need free market and choice to support schools to offer evolving programming for their children (including the arts). They need this same support to force vaccine manufactures (that currently have no liability for hot lots or the rare vaccine damage) to innovate, improve their preservation methods, and offer choice for single vaccinations versus cocktails. Early childhood immunizations and schedules vary around the world. This medicine is not yet in art form. Parents conscious, educated choices will force that progression if given the opportunity. We all want safe and effective vaccines that work for everyone. I believe the free market approach will support this to happen. If California can push back on this Merck Pharmaceutical bill, Merck will get the message loud and clear that they need to do better.

  86. Kathy and Ken Lindner said

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! Thank you for helping to protect our constitutional rights and stand up to Big Pharma greed and corruption.Thank you!

  87. Jill said

    Thank you republicans! Thank you for taking a stand against an over reaching government, and for supporting us parents who know what is best for their children.

  88. Bridgett C. said

    Thank you!! From our family for understanding the importance of individuals rights to their own choices and sticking up for our freedoms and making decisions that support what America stands for.

  89. Sylvia said

    Thank you for standing up for the rights of parents and children alike.

  90. Researcher said

    Thank you! Am planning to switch from democrat to republican because of this issue. And in case any of you legislators are actually reading this, I’d like to point out that the reason iron lungs are no longer in use is NOT because of polio vaccines, but because iron lungs have been replaced by the modern ventilators. There are far more ventilators in use today than iron lungs ever were. in 1959, there were 1,200 iron lungs in the US: http://amhistory.si.edu/polio/howpolio/ironlung.htm
    In 2010, there were 62,188 full-feature ventilators PLUS an additional 98,738 non-full-feature ventilators in the US: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21149215
    No disrespect intended towards Mary Young, but someone should please show her this information.

  91. Britt G. said

    Thank you for standing up for parental and constitutional rights! SB277 is a clear attack on the poor, many of whom may not be able to afford for one parent to stay home to teach children. Mandated vaccinations through coercion do not constitute informed consent.

  92. Eileen said

    Civil Rights Movement of the 21st century. Thank you for being on the right side of history OCGOP

  93. Julie said

    Listening to the people….thank you!

  94. […] OC GOP Opposes SB 277 (Pan) – Schoolchildren Vaccination Bill […]

  95. Christopher Corres said

    Information is power, so education will be of the utmost importance in this struggle for medical liberty! Obamacare was the first step toward medical tyranny, and through “Epic” all of our medical history will be available and vulnerable to hackers. So, the question is what’s next? If you’re diagnosed with high blood pressure or high cholesterol, will the patient be penalized if they refuse the medication, and choose a holistic route?

    This is a very good read!
    Pushing the Medical Envelope

  96. Brenda said

    Thank you for restoring hope. This is the worst sort of wasteful and unnecessary legislation. Medical decisions belong with parents. Please continue to work against state mandated medical decisions .

  97. Joan said

    Thank you for supporting medical freedom and our Constitution! SB277 is about stripping Californians of their right to choose medical procedures for their own children!! A group of legislators choosing medical procedures for thousands and thousands of children is not leadership, it’s malpractice! Thank you again.

  98. Gary Ogden said

    Pan, Allen, and Queen Hannah-Beth Jackson are the best recruiting tools the California Republicans have had in recent memory. I switched my registration from Dem. to NPP after the Senate vote (I’ve attended all the hearings), but will only be voting for Republicans for the state legislature in the future. I was very proud of my assembly member, Jim Patterson.

  99. CWS said

    As a lifelong, libertarian-leaning Republican, I’m completely disgusted that hysteria, misinformation, and those with vested interests (chiros/”Big Alterna”, etc.) have won out over science and rationality. How sad that the Republican party is, cynically, aligning itself with the anti-vax movement, which has absolutely nothing to do with liberty but everything to do with ignorance and lack of respect for the most vulnerable in our society. I’m in a community where all three of the elementary schools now lack herd immunity because of this insanity. Thank you to Mary Young and Peggy Huang for sticking to their principles and voting against the resolution. What’s next, OC GOP? A campaign against laws requiring child seats in cars?

    • Christopher Corres said

      @CWS, knock your socks off and get all the vaccinas that you want, that’s your right and CHOICE!

      Dr Mark Geier M.D. discusses aspects of the flu vaccine – Family Chiropractic Centre

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