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Mansoor Finally in the Mail – Attacks Steel’s AOCDS Support

Posted by Marion Morrison on June 1, 2014

The Morrison household finally received Allan Mansoor’s first campaign mailer this weekend.  It was a comparison hit piece that tries to paint Michelle Steel as a Union lackey and career politician.  Additionally, our family received a follow-up letter to the one that was previously sent when absentee ballots dropped.  The language has changed a bit, so I included it here.  With a fair amount of absentees yet to be returned, and Election Day on Tuesday, this piece may just save him from being defeated in the Primary.  Only time will tell.

Mansoor Hit 2 of 2 Mansoor Hit 1 of 2

Mansoor Letter 1 of 2Mansoor Letter 2 of 2



4 Responses to “Mansoor Finally in the Mail – Attacks Steel’s AOCDS Support”

  1. David Zenger said

    She doesn’t live in the district. That isn’t legal. So why is “law enforcement” supporting a law breaker? Oh, right.

  2. OCInsider#33 said

    This may get him into the final two, but I think this election was over a week ago.

  3. Ethanc said

    “What do the Deputy Sheriffs expect from their investment in Steel? I would think that would be a raise and even more generous pension benefits. So much for Steel’s self-avowed tax fighting.”

    Couldn’t have said/written it better Art Pedroza!

    The OCGOP props up Steel as part of its “New GOP” theme aimed at courting younger/female/ethnic/minority/blue collar voters. If they think a candidate who reports close to $1 million in income with her husband, owns a mansion in Palos Verdes, rents in Surfside, and surrounds herself with over 60+ yr old elites will get them to grow their shrinking voter base then they have another thing coming. With candidates like Steel and Janet Nguyen they can expect to see the shrinking GOP voter pool continue to go down that direction.

  4. OCInsider#33 said

    This isn’t about getting Steel elected. It is about wiping Mansoor off the face of the OC political landscape. Nothing more. It has become personal for the association. He took his pension and turned on them.

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