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Michelle Steel Comparison Piece

Posted by Marion Morrison on May 28, 2014

With the Memorial Day break in postal activity, the Morrison household received a total of five pieces of political mail.  Here is the second of three pieces in favor of Michelle Steel (the other was a duplicate of a previous mailer).  This is a comparison piece attacking Allan Mansoor’s lack of any significant contributions in the State Assembly.

3 Responses to “Michelle Steel Comparison Piece”

  1. ethanc said

    Must be nice to be a tax collector from LA County who couldn’t get elected dog catcher in LA at this point so instead moves to OC, reports close to 1 million in income, rents a beach side apt. while keeping her mansion in Rolling Hills/Palos Verdes, and has the financial support of the wine and cheese crowd (most of which has been outside OC), supports pay raises for union employees, was no where to be found on Measure M funds being used appropriately, wants to convert illegals to guest workers to get more cheap labor for her big business supporters, and runs hit pieces against a proven conservative legislator who has attempted to get things done in Sacramento while being in the now super minority that her husband helped creat le because of his lackluster performance as a party leader from 2002 onward. Not to mention the IE being run by the Sheriffs Association on behalf of a so called conservative “tax payers advocate.”

  2. David Zenger said

    Doesn’t live in district.

  3. OCInsider#33 said

    But it’s a very effective piece.

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