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Yorba Linda Recall: Young and Lindsey Receives IE Rescue

Posted by Allen Wilson on May 23, 2014

The Southern California Coalition of Business and Taxpayers (SCCBT) has recently established an Independent Expenditure (IE) on March 28, 2014 with a FPPC number 1365006.

The SCCBT has already raised over $100K for the purpose of supporting and/or opposing candidates in state and local offices.

On May 16, 2014, the SCCBT has spent resources at a total cost of over $13,000 on literature on behalf of Yorba Linda Mayor Craig Young and Yorba Linda Councilman Tom Lindsey.

Below is the IE expenses of $8,204.66 for Craig Young:


Below is the IE expenses of $5,072.94 for Tom Lindsey:


It is possible that this is just the beginning.  All IE late contributions are require to report some activity with the Secretary of State and local clerk and in this case would be the Yorba Linda City Clerk.

One Response to “Yorba Linda Recall: Young and Lindsey Receives IE Rescue”

  1. Joe said

    These guys are the special interest bunch. They have no interest in doing what is right by the citizens or for the citizen –only for their greedy self centered purposes. We have the same gang in southern Orange County and they are nothing but low life grifters driven by the developer crowd.

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