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Could Hit Piece Backfire on Walters Campaign?

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on May 20, 2014

This hit piece was sent to CD 45 voters from the Mimi Walters this month:Raths_Hit_FrontRaths_Hit_Back

At first, I thought that this was a well-done hit piece that attacks Raths for serving in the Clinton Administration, but then I recalled reading Raths’ biography, which mentioned what he was doing for the White House. At the time, he served in the position of Assistant Chief of Staff of the White House Military Office. Generally, it is not a good idea for candidates to try and attack their opponent’s military service.

If Raths brings this to the attention of the OC Register to get some mainstream media coverage or sends out a mailer touting what has transpired, the CD-45 race could get very interesting.

11 Responses to “Could Hit Piece Backfire on Walters Campaign?”

  1. I was not surprised in receiving the “hit piece” paid for by Mimi (not an I.E. where she could blame others). Mimi wants to clear the field from the only other Republican in the 45th District General election. However this sleazy effort has not gone over well with everyone I have spoken to in the District. Her strategy is that the Democrat (or DTS) challenger will get more votes than Greg Raths. I hope she is wrong and that she will face him again later this year of “top two” finishers.

  2. OCInsider#33 said

    Larry is completely correct. This was an attempt to make sure there will only be one Rep in the final two. Trying to make a military assignment look like a political appointment is pretty low even for Mimi and Gilliard. I am not sure that enough regular voters will find out though. If the Dems wanted to make sure Walters didn’t walk into this seat, they should have taken a step back from this district. There is no way a Dem will win in November and it would have made this race a lot more interesting to watch.

  3. Allen Wilson said

    Two Words: Low Blow!

  4. Greg Raths and some of his supporters joined our rally in Mission Viejo this afternoon. You can see some photos on my Facebook page

  5. TheMarshallPlan said

    At the very least, he addressed this issue in an article about the race in Sundays Register. What’s worst in my opinion, is bringing up the terrorism aspect. There’s no reason to go there, yet she did, and that I think will have a bigger backlash.

  6. Greg Diamond said

    Uh, this would seem to make Raths PICK UP more Dem votes, making it MORE likely that he makes the runoff, wouldn’t it? If it’s a strategy to hand the second slot in the primary to Leavens, it seems odd.

  7. Not surprised. When you have a nasty political record, you run a nasty campaign.

  8. Greg Raths said

    We need a race where we can debate the issues. Greg Raths (R) vs Drew Leavens (D). With this line-up it can be a true political race without smear or distortion of the facts. We have both agreed to debate fairly and honorably. We don’t need Mimi in this race this summer and fall.

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