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Yorba Linda Recall: Signatures Count and Verification Begins

Posted by Allen Wilson on May 15, 2014


The Yorba Linda City Clerk has determined that the group seeking to recall Councilmembers Craig Young and Tom Lindsey has exceeded the 8,100 signatures requirement.   Now, the Orange County Registrar of Voters will proceed to verify the signatures to determine the validity of those signatures whether or not it triggers a recall of the duo Councilmembers.

The YLRRR (Yorba Linda Residents for Responsible Representation) has announced they have collected 9,670 signatures to recall Craig Young and 9,495 signatures to recall Tom Lindsey.



2 Responses to “Yorba Linda Recall: Signatures Count and Verification Begins”

  1. edrakochy said

    Thanks for posting Allen.

    Ed Rakochy http://www.edrakochydp.com 714-381-2395 Sent from my iPhone


  2. Richard S. said

    Young and Lindsey do not represent the “Land Of Gracious Living”. They represent big builders.
    They should resign immediately.

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