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AD 74 – Emanuel Patrascu Attacks Keith Curry on High Speed Rail

Posted by Marion Morrison on May 11, 2014

After numerous introductory/positive pieces of mail to voters of the 74th Assembly District, Emanuel Patrascu is the first out of the gate to go on the offensive.  Patrascu’s main opponent, Keith Curry, is attacked on an AP quote made in his capacity as an employee of “Public Financial Management,” a company Curry was employed with for 23 years.  High Speed Rail has been a popular target for Republican candidates this election cycle and Patrascu attempts to paint Curry as a supporter of the project.

Patrascu has been very good at delivering timely mail pieces during the immediate days following Absentee Ballots being delivered.  In the past three days, this household has received three pieces of mail from him.  Curry hit the mailbox strong just prior, but has been quiet this past week.  Surely we haven’t seen the end of it, and time will only tell if the race’s other Republican candidate, Matt Harper, makes an entrance. Stay tuned…


Emanuel Hit 1 of 2Emanuel Hit 2 of 2


2 Responses to “AD 74 – Emanuel Patrascu Attacks Keith Curry on High Speed Rail”

  1. Curmudgeon said

    Harper is running a distant third in this race, and has no money. You won’t be hearing from him.

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