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AD-55 Watch: Ling-Ling Chang’s Embellishment 2.0

Posted by Allen Wilson on April 8, 2014


On March 28, 2014, we reported about Assembly Candidate Ling-Ling Chang’s biography was scrutinized, which has gotten a lot of attention inside the 55th Assembly District and beyond.

On March 7, 2014, Ling-Ling attempted to embellish her ballot designation as the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters listed Chang’s ballot designation as “Councilwoman/Educator/Executive”


Unfortunately, the problem is that she is hardly an “Educator” or an “Executive”.

In the 2013 Diamond Bar City Council contest Ling-Ling used her ballot designation as “Diamond Bar Councilmember/Educator” and got away with it, but not this time around.

Chang got caught red-handed by the California Secretary of State, which determined that she is neither of those occupations.

The Secretary of State proceed by changing her ballot designation to just “City Councilwoman”.


Yes, the Secretary of State is correct in making the correction for Chang to the appropriate occupation, which is what she is a part-time Councilmember making $746 a month ($8,952 annually) PLUS $1,100 defined benefits granted to her (retirement, medical, dental and other perks courtesy of Diamond Bar taxpayers).

Therefore, it is known that she isn’t an educator and she isn’t an executive making weighty decisions like meeting payroll, managing huge staff and other pressures businessmen and businesswomen face everyday.

Of course, we know by now that she doesn’t even have a college degree.

In light of the recent sordid stories coming out of Sacramento regarding the scandals involving Senators Calderon, Wright and Yee, embellishing the occupation and biography of a candidate such as Ling-Ling Chang has no place in the legislature.

5 Responses to “AD-55 Watch: Ling-Ling Chang’s Embellishment 2.0”

  1. Walnut Watcher said

    Give me a break. Philip isn’t a small business owner. He has spent his entire life working for career politicians while yearning to be one himself. He has accomplished nothing on the Walnut school board. In fact, the Walnut Valley got an uncertified rating from the state while he was on the board because its budget was out of whack. So much for being a businessman.

  2. OCInsider#33 said

    It is
    wrong when full time staffers decide to run for office and come up with a made up “business” and decide to become a business owner. Is he ashamed to work for the Supervisor? Or has he left that job to devote himself full time to his “business”? I guess I have to ask, is Chen making “weighty decisions like meeting payroll. managing huge staff and other pressures businessmen and businesswomen face everyday”? I am not excusing Chang but it doesn’t sound like Chen or Chang should be pointing fingers here.

    • Allen Wilson said

      It is to my understanding that Chen is taking a LOA from working for Antonovich.

      • OCInsider#33 said

        Allen, I don’t think taking a LOA to campaign is quite the same thing as quitting to concentrate on running your business. Pot meet Kettle.

  3. Walnut Watcher said

    According to the Orange County Register, Philip Chen owns shares of some real estate that his parents own. That hardly makes him a “small business owner.” If you own stocks in a company that doesn’t make you a business owner. Is he involved in the day-to-day operations of managing the real estate? Teaching Wushu to college girls for a few months doesn’t make you a “Professor”. Volunteering as a deputy sheriff once a month without pay doesn’t count as your profession. I suspect Chen has accomplished little in his staffer position which is why he needs to pump up his resume with these lies. If you can’t trust him to be honest about what he has spent his life doing, what can you trust him with? For goodness sake why can’t the Republican party get a real farm team.

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