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Republican Party of Orange County Endorses Mayor Linda Lindholm Over Incumbent Republican

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on March 28, 2014

This came over the wire from the Linda Lindholm for Orange County Board of Education campaign moments ago…

Linda Lindholm for OC Board of Ed

Republican Party of Orange County Endorses
Mayor Linda Lindholm Over Incumbent Republican

March 28, 2014
Contact: Chris Emami

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – The Republican Party of Orange County has endorsed Laguna Niguel Mayor Linda Lindholm for Orange County Board of Education, Trustee Area 5.  The party’s Central Committee voted unanimously to endorse Lindholm over the objections of the 32-year incumbent, who is a Republican.  Mayor Lindholm, the leading candidate for the Orange County Board of Education’s Trustee Area 5 seat, is quickly setting herself apart as a consensus builder amongst education officials, organizations, taxpayers, parents, and teachers.

“The Republican Party of Orange County endorses Linda Lindholm as the best choice to represent taxpayers on the Board of Education,” said Republican Party of Orange County Chairman Scott Baugh. “Linda Lindholm has a proven record of advancing fiscal responsibility and personal freedoms by supporting low taxes, balanced budgets, battling overregulation, and preventing wasteful bureaucracy.”

“I am grateful that the Republican Party of Orange County has endorsed my campaign to help improve the education of our children,” Lindholm said. “My promise to promote transparency, fiscal accountability, and a better education for all students has been a message that has resonated with people from all ends of the political spectrum.”

A businesswoman, Mayor Lindholm has served as the President of the Saddleback College Foundation Board, as President of the Beta Foster Care Advisory Board, and as the City Liaison on the Laguna Niguel Youth Committee.  She has also served on the Capistrano Unified School District Instructional Materials Review Committee and the Prevent Child Abuse – Orange County Advisory Board.

Professionally, Lindholm has taught college students as a university instructor and worked with school districts on developing programs for teachers of children with physical and learning disabilities.  She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree from Colorado State University and her Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Kansas.   Lindholm and her husband, Wayne, have three children.


Paid for by Lindholm for Board of Education 2014.  ID# 1363994

9 Responses to “Republican Party of Orange County Endorses Mayor Linda Lindholm Over Incumbent Republican”

  1. junior said

    Who is the R incumbent?

  2. Liz Dorn Parker

    • junior said

      IYO, why was LDP rejected by RP?

      • OCInsider#33 said

        Editors Note: This comment has been redacted due to the fact that it makes an accusation of a candidate that cannot be confirmed.

      • The Reason said

        Liz Parker is a total tool. She supports common core, opposes charter schools, and even supported Obamacare in an OC Register article.

        I can’t believe she even showed up to the OC GOP meeting. 32 years in office and has never done anything to help the GOP or local candidates.

  3. Craig P. Alexander said

    Actually OC Insider #33 it is because Liz Dorn Parker votes like a liberal Democrat and has for all of the time she has been in office. If Ms. Parker had a voting record like a Republican (and ever came to the OCGOP to discuss her voting record) maybe 1. Linda Lindholm would not be running for this office and 2. maybe Ms. Parker would have been endorsed for re-election. In the case of Ms. Parker the term RINO (Republican In Name Only) is very, very applicable.

    Linda has been a hard working local elected official for over 16 years with a very good voting record. She will make an excellent member of the O.C. Board of Education – which is why two of Ms. Parker’s fellow trustees are endorsing Linda Lindholm and not Ms. Parker.

  4. OCInsider#33 said

    Really? You found that statement to be an accusation? Wow. I Have no problem with Linda, I actually like her. But usually getting the OCGOP endorsement comes down to who you know, who your friends are and not your record. Craig, I will give this race a second look, but there are a few conservatives in OC who are not happy that Linda is taking on this Republican incumbent. And there are many Republican elected officials who are just interested in doing the job they were elected to do and not to get involved in “Party Politics” Does that automatically make them a target by those involved in the OC GOP Central Committee?

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