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Kelly Hubbard Makes False, Irresponsible Accusations Against Assemblyman Allan Mansoor

Posted by Walter Myers III on March 22, 2014

It has been a while since I posted, and my plan is to step things up during this election season. It is imperative that I let everyone know about the irresponsible and shameless hit job Tea Party member Kelly Hubbard has done on Assemblyman Allan Mansoor, which you can find here. Hubbard, in his support of Michelle Steele against Mansoor for the OC Board of Supervisors Second District race, capriciously charges Mansoor with racism at a recent Town Hall for actions that Hubbard calls “shameless and despicable” against one of Mansoor’s own constituents. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and for those of you who know Mansoor, you know he is a man of honor and integrity who has faithfully served his constituencies since his City Council days in Costa Mesa. The real story is that a woman asked Mansoor’s staffer Jose Martinez if he was an illegal immigrant, to which he replied in the negative. The woman didn’t stop there but then accused Martinez’s parents of being here illegally. Given this, you can see that Mansoor was simply defending his staff member from a baseless and bigoted attack, and rightfully so (which you can see in the video below). As many of you know, Mansoor is particularly sensitive to racism as a person of mixed ancestry. Mansoor would not hire an illegal immigrant, and just because he has shown compassion in the handling of illegal immigrants that are already here does not mean he would also knowingly break the law. He is a former law man, after all. And if there were any racism involved, it was the person who accosted Martinez about his immigration status, which is none of her business unless she had substantial proof he was here illegally. The burden of proof would be on her, not Martinez.

I believe the genesis of Hubbard’s ire against Mansoor is the fact that Mansoor was one of fifteen California Republican legislators to sign a letter, promoted by the Western Growers Association (WGA), to the CA California Congressional Delegation in support of comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship. Mansoor has publicly stated, and confirmed with me yesterday, that he regrets signing the letter and that he does not believe illegal immigrants should be able to gain a pathway to citizenship as a part of any immigration reform legislation. What Mansoor actually supports is the Lincoln Club immigration proposal (which you can find here) that calls for a path to legal status for existing illegal immigrants, but only after the border has been effectively secured and a properly functioning guest worker program has been constructed to prevent us from revisiting the same problem again in the future. The Lincoln Club immigration proposal intentionally does not address citizenship because its goal is to simply provide a realistic and compassionate resolution to the problem of illegal immigration.

I hope that you will stand with me in supporting Mansoor against these wanton and reckless allegations by Kelly Hubbard. I am a strong Tea Party advocate, but Hubbard is one of the people that gives the Tea Party the bad name that it does not deserve as a whole. Hubbard owes Mansoor an apology immediately.

9 Responses to “Kelly Hubbard Makes False, Irresponsible Accusations Against Assemblyman Allan Mansoor”

  1. Kelly Hubbard said

    To publicly accuse one of his own constituents and to single her out of the crowd at a town hall event that he was hosting is not only unprofessional as an elected official, but it’s also very rude! I would remind the readers that this woman denies this allegation completely! True or not, the most professional way of handling this situation would be to take the woman aside privately and ask her. It just makes Mansoor look bad to do what he did publicly! It also makes him look overly defensive! Furthermore, to play the race card, which Mansoor clearly did in this video, is a knee-jerk irresponsible behavior one would expect from a liberal, not a so-called “conservative” politician! When GOP politicians start adopting the language and the tactics of the Left, it really makes those GOP politicians look bad! The bottom-line is Mansoor’s constant defensive behavior every time he’s confronted on this issue by his constituents, just continues to add more fuel to this fire! When are our elected officials going to realize that when you just take responsibility for your actions and humbly apologize, these issues go away and the sooner it will leave everyone’s memory? Allan Mansoor is actually keeping this issue on the front burner by making excuses and insulting the intelligence of his constituents by claiming the letter was signed in haste, etc. Doesn’t he realize by now that that kind of excuse making is just not working and that no one is buying it, especially the folks in the 2nd Supervisorial District, many of whom are very well aware of this letter! I think the letter and the video showing Mansoor using the tactics of the Left by playing the race card against his own constituent speaks for itself! I stand behind everything I reported on and I still believe Mansoor disqualified himself from any future political office because of his behavior! I encourage folks to view the video and the letter for themselves. I have posted these things on O.C. Tea Party Blog and it’s on the We the People rising website. We’ll let the good people of the 2nd Supervisorial District decide if this is what they want from their elected officials! I happen to believe that answer will be a resounding NO on election day! Mr. Myers and other Mansoor loyalists would be making better use of their time if they held their friend accountable more for his actions and called him out when he’s clearly wrong, rather than wasting time going after his constituents, myself and this woman included, and defending him playing the race card! It serves no ones interests to defend actions like this from an elected official! I have a first amendment right to my opinion and so does Mr. Myers and others. I celebrate free speech and I welcome others views and comments! Once again, we’ll let the voters decide in June. Thanks, Kelly Hubbard

  2. Walter Myers III said

    Kelly, again, you are completely missing the point. You probably didn’t even read the blog, and you didn’t bother to answer my email or call me as I asked you to do. Allan has no reason to lie about someone making disparaging remarks towards one of his staff, and if you believe that me responding to your irresponsible post makes me a “Monsoor loyalist,” then so be it. As a Tea Party advocate, I believe people such as yourself are precisely the problem in the perceptions of the Tea Party. You have taken this Town Hall and used it to make unfounded charges of racism, call Allan Mansoor a liar, and call any person that defends Allan on this one point a “loyalist.” I have always felt you were a bit of a hothead, but now I’m certain of it. You are immature, petulant, arrogant, and even worse a solipsist. I hope you will reflect on your behavior because if you’re thinking to yourself now that you are doing good things for the party and for America, you’re not. You are the type of person who is repelling people from the party, not attracting people to it. With your childish behavior, instead of behavior of truth, grace, and understanding, you are poison to us.

    • Kelly Hubbard said

      Once again, I believe the video speaks for itself. Oh, I did call you Walter, you didn’t bother to call me back! Haven’t you listened to your voicemail, sir? Once again, you’re attacking the messenger, rather than arguing the substance of what I many others have said about this! We’ll leave it at that! I’d rather move on and I will not entertain anymore back and forth on this matter! Kelly

  3. […] Kelly Hubbard Makes False, Irresponsible Accusations Against Assemblyman Allan Mansoor […]

  4. In a nutshell the reason our country is going down is because we (conservatives and Republicans who should know better) support the very behavior Allan has displayed. They say and do one thing only to join forces with the bigger guys when they need them to advance, completely turning their backs on the people who they are suppose to serve and protect. Why in the hell do you think Congress has voted time and time again, at least 11 times, to increase the debt ceiling? Allan’s behavior Is the very behavior we need to stop dead in its tracks so that we the people don’t lose on our battles regarding our rights under the Bill of Rights, including giving illegals a pass. This is what is wrong with the Republican party. Republicans should be defending the PEOPLE, not the wanna be elites that want to be in power for their own sakes, and ultimately control you and those you, Walter, care about (the minorities). Isn’t that exactly what is happening now?

    Allan lost his way, it’s as simple as that. How in the hell will we get our representatives to be public servants if we support behavior to do otherwise and worst to align with those that just lust after power, influence, money and comfort? If Allan truly believes he made a mistake in signing that letter then he should state so and be humble to those that caught him in his lie. Instead he is angry at the very people who believed and trusted him. Does he have any idea how he let down and betrayed the very people that strongly supported him with money, walking, phone calling, and hope?

    Allan should EXPOSE and be angry at those that pressured him or talked him into signing that letter. What is that story? They are THE very corrupt politicians destroying the Republican Party and our country. We need our representatives to be public servants and serve the people. It is sad that Allan sided with the wanna be elites and YOU feel the need to defend him. Sorry I’m so blunt, but you’re helping in maintaining the status quo of corrupt, power hungry, weak politicians that have no will to do what is right according to our Declaration of Independence or our US Constitution and the Bible.

    Those that feel the need to support Allan instead of convincing him to right his wrong is on the wrong side. Giving representatives like him a pass is the very thing that is bringing our country down, people losing their belief in the Republican Party, giving up on politics and hiding instead.

    Love you Walter but you are wrong on this one!

    God bless you.

    • Walter Myers III said

      Cathy, Allan HAS apologized for that publicly, and he has said he is NOT for any type of citizenship for illegal immigrants. What more do you want him to do? If Allan does not keep his word, then I will not support him either, but he has given me no good reason to distrust him. We all make mistakes and with the myriad things that come Allan’s way as a legislator I think it is unrealistic to assume he will get everything right and that he won’t make any mistakes. He is human. He has clarified his position, so let’s now take it from there and move forward.

      Now as to what kicked this whole thing off, it is fine that Kelly supports Michelle. But to call Allan a racist in my view cheapens what true racism is since the obvious racist is the person who accused his staffer of being an illegal immigrant, and then his parents if he wasn’t an illegal immigrant. I have a high threshold for racism because I want it be a word that is used when it is truly warranted. As a victim multiple of times in my childhood of TRUE racism that Kelly has never experienced himself, I can tell you that Allan is no racist. So had Kelly focused on the letter then that alone would have been fine. Throwing fuel and a match to it with the charge of racism was irresponsible and unwarranted, and it is obvious that Kelly has no clue what racism is.

      • Charles said

        I find it very interesting how people can respond to this with such hostility and want Allan out
        and get all hot and heavy about Republicans raising the debt ceiling yet fail to mention that Allan’s opponent in this Supervisor race Michelle Steel is being heavily supported every which way by none other than Dana Rohrbacher who had voted to raise the debt ceiling back in August of 2011 thus giving Obama a pass which opened the door to his easily winning the 2012 election. Why aren’t you screaming about that? Why are you supporting Dana’s longtime buddy Steel?

        This is why the Republicans lose. Everyone is out for themselves.

  5. Charles said

    The other thing I don’t understand is who is Kelly Hubbard and why should I care what he thinks? Does he have a regular job? Kelly can we get some info on you and your background so we can start fishing around for dirt on you like you did on Jesse Petrillo? Ditto for Cathy Richardson? It seems from reviewing your octeapartyblog that you spend alot of time looking for skeletons in candidates closets. Every candidate has a skeleton in their closet including all the people Dana Rohrbacher and others endorse. You just don’t know it. I know plenty and I don’t start a blog to air candidates dirty laundry. So your being a hypocrite. Who has time for this? Honestly. Shame on you both for trying to destroy the teaparty. This is not what the teaparty is all about. I am embarassed to call myself a teaparty member. No longer. Cathy I use to attend your meetings in South O.C. and I have friends who I have sent your way and I am appalled at the way you are handling this. Get out of the gutter you two and act like the Christian you claim to be.

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