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RPLAC Censure Proposal on Thomas Hanson

Posted by Allen Wilson on September 15, 2013


The Republican Party of Los Angeles County (RPLAC) is considering a motion to censure the one of it’s members, Thomas Hanson, at the regularly scheduled meeting on Saturday, September 21st, 2013.

Thomas Hanson is the Chairman of the 45th Assembly District Republican Central Committee (ADRCC).

On July 20th, 2013, RPLAC took up the endorsement for one of three Republican candidates running for the Special Election slated for September 17th, but none of the candidates failed to garner the necessary 2/3rds votes required for such endorsement.  The highest vote getter of the endorsement was Chris Kolski  who was shy of one vote.  The other candidates are Armineh Chelebian and Susan Shelley.

Then, July 24th, 2013, Mr. Hanson submitted a very misleading letter to Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters (ROV), Dean Logan, by using RPLAC logo with the following verbiage:

“This is to advise you and confirm a party endorsement of a Republican candidate for the special election to be held on September 17, 2013 to fill the current vacancy of the 45th Assembly District in the California Legislature”

Mr. Hanson efforts was an attempt to deceive the ROV by giving the implication that the endorsement was approved by RPLAC, which it was not the case.

The Los Angeles County ROV was prepared to submit sample ballots indicating that Chris Kolski has been endorsed by the Republican Party of Los Angeles County.

The RPLAC Chairman Mark Vafiades learned of this and immediately notified the ROV that Mr. Kolski has NOT been endorsed by RPLAC, which the sample ballots were immediately destroyed and re-printed at considerable amount of money at taxpayers expense.

The integrity of Mr. Hanson, the 45th ADRCC and Mr. Kolski hangs in the balance as they attempted to manipulate the elections through deception to the Republican voters in the 45th AD.

This is the third proposal to formally censure a central committee member in six years.

In 2007, Michael Jackson, the 2006 GOP Assembly Nominee in the 54th AD was formally censured for “disrupting RPLAC meetings”, which Mr. Jackson was a thorn to then-RPLAC Chairman Linda Boyd and the Executive Board.

In 2010, a motion to censure Robert Vaughn, the 2010 GOP Nominee for Congress in the 38th CD, failed to gain traction beyond the RPLAC’s Rules and By-Laws Committee.

2 Responses to “RPLAC Censure Proposal on Thomas Hanson”

  1. glangdale said

    “None failed to garner”


  2. Pomona said

    Allen, let’s be honest. YOUR motion to censure Robert Vaughn was a complete failure because you failed to bring the motion in an appropriate manner to the bylaws committee. Instead, you tried to drop it on the full committee in the middle of the meeting. I was there.

    You forgot to mention what an EPIC FAIL the motion to censure Bruce Brown was after that.

    These censures are such a bloody waste of everybody’s time and they are always against those who have asserted their authority against establishment bullies.

    Tom Hanson is a good chairman who simply notified the Registrar of Voters of the Kolski endorsement by the 45th Assembly District, after the county declined to endorse in the race. The 45th AD endorsed, and it had every right to do so.

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