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Mansoor: Newly Married & Not Afraid of Steel Warchest

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on August 9, 2013

This came over the wire from Assemblyman Allan Mansoor‘s campaign yesterday, in which Mansoor introduces his new wife and states he is confident he can overcome Michelle Steel’s massive warchest:


On Monday, the Assembly returned from a month-long summer recess. It’s back to work in Sacramento, where we will spend the next six weeks wrapping up the year before we adjourn for the year on September 13.

I spent the recess trying to balance my time between meeting with constituents and preparing for my wedding. I hope no one missed the news, but I got engaged to Janniffer Grubisich last November, and on August 3, we both said “I do”. Janniffer was with me in Sacramento Monday, when we returned to session, and I was able to introduce her on the floor to my colleagues as my wife.

As many of you know, I’ve been contemplating a 2014 run for Orange County Supervisor. The current Second District Supervisor, John Moorlach, is leaving office due to term limits, and this is an “open seat.” There are several other candidates running (or thinking about running). Those following the race might recognize the name of Michelle Steel, a State Board of Equalization Member from LA County. She moved to Orange County to run for this seat and has lots of money. Her money makes her a formidable opponent, and I’m sure she will out-spend me. But I’ve been out-spent everytime I’ve been on the ballot, and have complete confidence that if I run, I will be able to raise enough money to wage a competitive and successful campaign.

For now however, I’m focused on doing my job representing the 74th Assembly District in Sacramento.

What’s to come in the next six weeks? I wish I had good news. But as you know, Sacramento Democrats have a 2/3 majority in both houses of the Legislature, and typically, during the last weeks of the year, we see a flurry of bad bills coming at us. I will keep you up-to-date on some of the bills that we will be seeing as our legislative year comes to a close.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Even though Democrats hold a 2/3 majority, we’ve managed (so far) to stop most of the significant attempts to alter Prop 13 and prevented significant attempts to raise taxes and we passed some significant reforms to limit Prop 65 shakedown lawsuits. As the session winds to a close, I’m looking forward to spending more time in the district and hope that anyone who hasn’t been able to meet Janniffer yet will be able to do so.


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