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GOP Picks Up Competitive Senate Seat

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on July 26, 2013

I waited a few days to post about the 16th Senate District race in order to make sure that I did not jinx it for Andy Vidak. The good news is that the California Republican Party has announced that the results appear to be official. In the near future stay tuned for an article praising new CRP leader Jim Brulte for being somebody that understands campaigns in the post Prop 14 world.

Here is the press release issued by CRP earlier today:

Congratulations to Senator-Elect Andy Vidak

The California GOP congratulates Republican Andy Vidak who has been elected to the California State Senate from the Central Valley’s 16th Senate District.

Andy and his team ran an outstanding campaign reaching out to thousands of voters in Kings, Kern, Fresno and Tulare Counties. He worked hard and earned this win.

This victory also demonstrates the power of the Republican Party when we work together.

Hundreds of volunteers from throughout California drove to the Central Valley and walked precincts in the scorching heat. The last weekend alone we had over 500 volunteer days from outside the district volunteers. Volunteers also went to phone banks throughout California and made over 30,000 phone calls into the district. This was in addition to the thousands of callers and walkers who reside in the district.

Kudos also go to Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff. He and his caucus spent hours on this race walking precincts, talking to voters and raising funds to support Andy in his campaign. The Assembly Republicans, under the leadership of Connie Conway, also supported the campaign by walking, recruiting volunteers and contributing funds.

Our Volunteer groups…with the Young Republicans, College Republicans and California Federation of Republican Women leading the way, provided an unprecedented level of volunteer support in this critically important race.

Finally we congratulate you, the dedicated volunteers and supporters of the California Republican Party. Your ongoing support and encouragement has helped in this victory.
Thank you for helping us rebuild this party from the ground up. We have a lot of work to do, but we now know that when we pull together, we can win.

Congratulations again, Senator-elect Andy Vidak.


Senator Jim Brulte, Chairman
California Republican Party

2 Responses to “GOP Picks Up Competitive Senate Seat”

  1. Marg said

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see the Orange County Republican Party come together in this way, and support the truly Repuplican candidates and incumbents in our city and county offices.

  2. Reader said

    I’m sure that 850K IE from the realtors was a little helpful.

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