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Santa Ana Public Works Director Raul Godinez flees to El Monte

Posted by Thomas Gordon on July 1, 2013


Santa Ana Public Works Director Raul Godinez decided to flee Santa Ana to become the new City Manager of El Monte for an annual salary of $195,000 beginning July 15.

It’s still unknown how large a gift of Santa Ana taxpayer funds Raul Godinez will receive in lieu of his vacation and illness.

Godinez became director of public works in Santa Ana in 2009. He also previously worked in public works in Oakland under then-Mayor Jerry Brown.

El Monte contracted with executive search firm Bob Murray & Associates who not coincidentally happens to be the same firm retained to recruit Santa Ana’s new City Manager. Raul Godinez had been rumored to be among those seeking Santa Ana’s top spot.

Also unknown is what affect Godinez’s departure will have on Santa Ana’s proposed light rail project, but Godinez did a poor job removing Santa Ana’s graffiti and repairing its potholed streets.

2 Responses to “Santa Ana Public Works Director Raul Godinez flees to El Monte”

  1. Santa Ana Resident said

    The Santa Ana city council recognized Godinez with a proclamation at their meeting last night.
    The comments members of the council made sounded suspiciously like they intended to bring him back to Santa Ana in an executive position in the next few years.

  2. Henry Gattis said

    SA Resident,

    You must speak a unique language, other than English, Spanish or Spanglish, I could not understand a word they said. Michele Martinez makes Loretta Sanchez look like Shakespeare! She is perhaps the worst public speaker ever!

    After working with them, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Godinez apply for City Manager of Kabul

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