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VLF Lawsuit Makes County Budget Interesting

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on June 3, 2013

As I still slowly work my way back into blogging I thought I would write a quick piece asking for reader input on the Orange County budget. Now that we are in June most government agencies are in the budgeting phase for the year as of right now and will need to make sure that everything balances.


One interesting story that we did not ever blog here at OC Political was the County of Orange losing the vehicle license fee (VLF) lawsuit recently. Without going into painstaking detail the County withheld money from the State of California and the State of California decides that it wants it back. The State of California sues County of Orange, a trial takes place and a judge rules that the County of Orange is now expected to pay $147,000,000 which I am confident that they do not have lying around.

This leaves an interesting debate as to what will likely get cut out of the budget during this next few weeks. My guess is that as with most agencies, “creative accounting” will deal with some of the losses (although, they are appealing the case). With that being said any readers want to take a guess at what gets cut first?

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