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Onward To The Next Orange County Vacancy

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on April 18, 2013

I want to thank our readers for what was a very successful event yesterday on the blog. The debate set a record for most readers in a single day for one post. We will continue to do this monthly and are open to topic suggestions from our readers. Feel free to e-mail info@custom-campaigns.com with your suggestions.

Now that we have seen Hugh Nguyen get appointed as OC Clerk-Recorder and Jan Grimes appointed as Orange County Auditor-Controller, we now move on to the process of Orange County Public Administrator. I already know who three of the applicants are based on them announcing on Facebook or during the Orange County Clerk-Recorder procedure.

Here are the applicants that we are aware of:

Bruce Peotter
Steve Rosansky
Ken Lopez-Maddox

Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of information on this process at this point but stay tuned as I fill in the blanks as soon as information becomes available.

2 Responses to “Onward To The Next Orange County Vacancy”

  1. Dandelion said

    Maddox is still doing that hyphenation with his name, to try to fool no one.

  2. Robert David Briggs said

    This is Robert David Briggs. You can throw my name into the ring. I have a Masters Degree in Public Administration and look forward to the election in 2014

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