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Clerk-Recorder Interviews: Steve Rosansky

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on April 2, 2013

2:49 PM– We are now on to Steve Rosansky who has a tough act to follow.

2:50 PM– He talked about his experience as education, background in business, and local elected office background as reasons that he is the best choice. He is currently going back to school for more experience in dispute resolution at Pepperdine.

2:52 PM– He gave a five point plan 1) Audit all departments, 2) Meet with all major title companies, 3) Explore staffing cuts, 4) Review all current contracts, and 5) Complete the audit of the archive building.

2:53 PM– Supervisor Nguyen asked for him to elaborate on his background for the job. He says that he has run for office before and has experience in the public light.

2:55 PM– He stated that he would run if appointed but he is unsure whether or not he would run if not appointed.

2:56 PM– Nelson asked about him using this as a stepping stone. Rosansky danced around this one saying he does not intend to run for anything else but things can change. On the follow up question on technology Rosansky talked about his background watching technology change in the title company and that he understands the need to stay on the cutting edge.

3:00 PM– Supervisor Moorlach asked his series of questions:

1) Are you receiving a public pension?


2) What is your highest level of education?

A J.D. from UCLA

3) Have you been involved in litigation with the County of Orange?


4) Have you ever been subject to any political investigation?

Has possibly been involved in a political investigation with the FPPC

5) Have you run for office before? If so, how many times and for what offices?

He feels the need to learn more information before discussing the topic.

6) Do you believe that the office of Orange County Clerk-Recorder needs satellite offices?

He wants to look into more information about the satellite offices before making a decision.

3:02 PM– He is also an applicant for Orange County Public Administrator but has not considered consolidation of the offices.

3:03 PM– Bates asked the question about financial management of the office. Rosansky stated the need to not give in to the temptation to spend money at every opportunity possible. Fiscal transparency was also a key point that he brought up.

3:05 PM– Spitzer asked the marriage question. Rosansky says that he believes in the institution of marriage and understands that it is important to follow the laws as dictated including whatever the Supreme Court decides on Proposition 8.

3:08 PM– Rosansky does not see the office as one that he will use as a platform to get involved in any issues outside of what the office is meant to do which is more administrative. He does feel a need to work closely with the Supervisors.

3:11 PM– He believes that his résumé is equal or better than that of anybody else that has applied. Since he left Newport Beach he now has the time to do the job.

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