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Here’s The Updated Clerk-Recorder List 3-5-2013

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on March 6, 2013

We have narrowed down the field of candidates for OC Clerk-Recorder from almost 1,000 names down to 25. Kudos to all of the 25 folks that made it this far. If I remember hearing correctly yesterday the next discussion of these applicants will be in two weeks on March 19th.

I do believe that this list will be reduced to under 10 names at that point. The concept of researching every candidate to get a job title is rather daunting considering that some of these names are rather common. If more information on each applicant is released I will post the info for our readers.

Here is the list of 25:

Dick Ackerman
Dale Anderson
Larry Bales
Andrew Calderon
Alicia Campbell
William Copulos
Ron Davidson
Stewart Davis
Linda Dixon
Elizabeth Fleming
Michael Fox
Ellis Ghasemi-Fazeli
Lydia Lake
Nora Lesnet
Francis Licata
Steve Madoff
Tanya Mayweather
Hieu Nguyen
Chris Norby
Bruce Peotter
Renee Ramirez
Roy Reynolds
Steve Rosansky
Harry Sidhu
Steve Waechter

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