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Live from CRP: Officer Election Results

Posted by Chris Nguyen on March 3, 2013

I’m here at CRP, as are fellow OC Political bloggers Craig Alexander, Scott Carpenter, Chris Emami, Assemblyman Don Wagner, and Allen Wilson.

Tabulation is underway in the CRP Chairmanship election between San Bernardino’s Jim Brulte (who should win handily) and the San Gabriel Valley’s David Miller and in the CRP Vice Chair race between San Francisco’s Harmett Dhillon and Placerville’s Rodney Stanhope.  We’ll have more details on those races shortly.

In the meantime, here are some results:

  • Secretary: Former Orange Countian/Current Humboldt Countian Patricia Welch re-elected
  • Treasurer: Ventura’s Mike Osborn re-elected
  • Vice Chair – Central Coast: Greg Gandrud re-elected
  • Vice Chair – North: Arnold Zeiderman re-elected
  • Vice Chair – Los Angeles: Adam Abrahms re-elected
  • Vice Chair – Central Valley: Fresno’s Marcelino Valdez, Jr. defeated Sacramento’s Ruth Crone in a hotly-contested race.
  • Vice Chair – Northwest: Alyssa Watley
  • Vice Chair – Bay Area: Kevin Crick defeated Rohit Joy in a hotly-contested race.
  • County Chairmen’s Association President: Yolo County’s Mark Pruner re-elected

Update (11:50 AM):  RNC Committeeman and former CRP Chairman Shawn Steel advocates switching from semiannual conventions to biennial conventions to permit greater attendance (since the costs for delegates to travel will reduce from once every six months to once every two years).

Steel advocates switching from the present system of delegates being appointed by party nominees and party leaders to a system where delegates are elected by local Republicans.  He notes California has 1,500 delegates while Virginia has 15,000 delegates attending biennial VRP conventions.

Steel states people have expressed concern that it’d be difficult to control the party if delegates were elected locally instead of being appointed by party nominees and party leaders.  Steel notes isn’t that the point?  He argues the party should be controlled by locals in a bottom-up approach not controlled by party nominees/leadership in a top-down approach.

3 Responses to “Live from CRP: Officer Election Results”

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  2. OC Insider #29 said

    Central Coast, North, Los Angeles, Central Valley, Northwest, Bay Area — OC, IE, and SD are lumped into the LA Vice Chair’s region, or where those uncontested races? I ask only because half of the state’s population is south of Palmdale (or even further south than that, I’d bet.)

    • Orange, San Diego, and Imperial Counties are represented by the Vice Chair – South. San Diego’s Tony Krvaric is not up for re-election as Vice Chair – South until the Fall. The regional Vice Chairs have partially staggered terms, so they’re not all up at the same time.

      Similarly, the Vice Chair – Inland Empire is not up for re-election until the Fall.

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