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Proposition Mailbox: Yes On 32/No On 30 & Yes On 37

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on October 28, 2012

I am starting to combine the mail pieces that go up in posts because so much stuff is going out. Chris Nguyen has the misfortune of being spammed by both the Chen and Royce campaigns in his household. At my house it has been pretty quite in the Campbell vs. Kang race.

The first piece was a folded up Yes on 32/No on 30 mailer:

Here is the No on 37 piece. The messaging is pretty strong:

2 Responses to “Proposition Mailbox: Yes On 32/No On 30 & Yes On 37”

  1. Allen Wilson said

    Chris Nguyen is not alone on the spam of Royce’s mailers. I , too, have been hit with three of them yesterday alone, which is a bit dizzy.

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