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Comm 452 At Chapman Was Awesome

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on October 26, 2012

Yesterday evening I had the privilege of speaking to a group of students at Chapman University about the upcoming election on a Republican perspective. Liberal OC editor Dan Chmielewski was there presenting the Democrat perspective on these issues.

We were able to give a brief introduction and then were asked a number of questions from the students. These students were extremely bright and came up with some excellent questions on topics ranging from bipartisanship to immigration reform.

Every Thursday night they doa blog post analyzing the Presidential race and what happened that week. I took the time to read the blog they have put together http://chapmanelectionwatch.wordpress.com/ and based on what I have been reading these students have a very proising future in the field of politics and communication.

3 Responses to “Comm 452 At Chapman Was Awesome”

  1. Nesa Anderson said

    Good for you, Chris! It’s nice to see Republicans represented on college campuses and no one threw a pie at you!

    Nesa Anderson

    San Clemente

  2. Craig P. Alexander said

    Hum…no pie in Chris Emami’s face at a collage campus. Sounds like an opportunity that was missed!

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