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Anaheim Mailbox: Leos Gets 2 IEs Yesterday

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on October 24, 2012

A busy day in the mail yesterday as John Leos had 2 independent expenditures arrive in my mailbox. Leos has a very good chance at being elected, with endorsements from the Orange County Register and also popular Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait

Here is the first piece:

Here is the second piece:

2 Responses to “Anaheim Mailbox: Leos Gets 2 IEs Yesterday”

  1. Tax Dollars At Work said

    And who is paying for these IEs? That’s right: the public employee unions? Hhmmm. Wonder why they want Leos on the Anaheim City Council so bad that they are spending a pile of dough trying to get him elected?

  2. […] That puts the government employee union IE effort for Leos at $188,000 — closing in on the quarter-million OCEA blew on Leos in 2010. Two pro-Leos mailers paid for by this money hit yesterday; Chris Emami has posted them on OC Political. […]

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