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Slate Mailer Mailbox: Save Prop 13

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on October 23, 2012

Also in the mail yesterday was the always popular Save Prop 13 slate mailer done by Landslide Communications. As always this is one of the best slate mailers to get on for any election. Take a look for yourself:

9 Responses to “Slate Mailer Mailbox: Save Prop 13”

  1. larrygilbert said

    Chris . We do agree. This is one of the best slates for candidates and Ballot Measures. Let me know when you plan to post the Save Prop 13 Voters Guide that includes Mission Viejo candidates. In case you and your readers haven’t seen it the names are council member Cathy Schlicht and businessman Ed Sachs. Ed’s comments read: “Proven Leadership, Pursuasive Tax Fighter, Successful Businessman, Residents Come First!”

    Cathy Schlicht’s comments are: “I’ve signed the Jarvis pledge; will fight to lower taxes.”

  2. met00 said

    Thanks for posting this, it tells me how to vote. I just vote 100% in reverse and know that I did it right!

    Anyone who is for keeping the loopholes in Prop 13 as they exist now is 100% against the best interests of California and the residents.

  3. Anaheimster said

    John Leos onm the Prop. 13 slate? Jim Lacy sells out for the OCEA union moolah!

  4. realAnaheimresident said

    OC Republican Party endorsed Lucille Kring and Brian Chuchua should be on that Prop 13 mailer. Esteban Chavez Lodge received union and Brandman received union money. Or Moolah!

  5. Greg Diamond said

    Leos and Lodge? OK, that’s the first time I’ve seen them paired. What’s next, a slate for Lodge and Roberts?

  6. Alex Scott said

    I know candidates who pay to appear are marked with an asterisk. I know slate mailers often feature the appearance of major state and local candidates who don’t pay in order to popularize the slate or its associations with non-paying candidates. What is odd asbout THIS particular slate mailer is the inclusion of a minor local candidate — LEOS — running for Anaheim City Council who is not marked with an asterisk, presumably meaning no-one paid for his inclusion. How odd is that?

    • Anaheimster said

      It’s not odd. Check the OCEA’s campaign reports. The county employees union bought spots for Leos on all of Jim Lacy’s slates.

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