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OC Register Supports “Yes on Measure FF” in Orange, But Screws Headline Up, Potentially Confusing Voters

Posted by Chris Nguyen on September 21, 2012

The OC Register editorial board supports “Yes on Measure FF” in the City of Orange but sent confusing messages on their position this week.

On Tuesday, the Register printed an “Orange Measure FF: No” editorial, but the entire article described the reasons to vote “Yes on Measure FF.”

On Wednesday, the Register reprinted the same editorial, but with the headline “Orange Measure FF: Yes” instead along with this note:

Editor’s note: Because of a reporting error, the position of the Register’s Editorial Board was misstated in the body and headline of an earlier version of this editorial.

(Their screwup was likely due to the confusing nature of referenda. The Orange City Council approved the property owner’s plan to build housing and a park on their own privately-owned land. Some neighbors wishing to preserve a now-defunct horse-riding facility launched a referendum to stop the land’s owner from changing the horse-riding facility into homes and a park for the general public. Usually, when signatures get a measure on to the ballot, the signatories want a “Yes” vote. However, when signatures get a referendum on the ballot, the signatories want a “No” vote.)

This amusing incident with the Register actually underlies a more serious concern with referenda: if people as informed as the OC Register screw up Yes vs. No, how many voters will select “Yes” when they mean “No” instead and how many will select “No” when they means “Yes” instead?

Just to be clear and definitive one last time: the OC Register says, “Yes on Measure FF.”

2 Responses to “OC Register Supports “Yes on Measure FF” in Orange, But Screws Headline Up, Potentially Confusing Voters”

  1. Do you know where I can get “YES on FF” yard signs? Seems the “no” people have plenty; time to get some “yeses” in the yards.

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