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Costa Mesa: Anti-Outsourcing Candidates Genis and Stephens Duck Outsourcing Question

Posted by The Master Cylinder on September 6, 2012

Check this out from Mickadeit’s new column on the Costa Mesa “Feet to the Fire” candidate forum. It’s a passage about how the status-quo candidates reacted to a question on outsourcing:

I asked [Sandy] Genis and [John] Stephens whether they would outsource any jobs and, if so, which jobs or departments. Both said they would have to study it. This was disappointing. The city has been studying this almost two years and has issued reports. Nobody is better read on Costa Mesa than Genis. Stephens says he’s read the charters of at least a half-dozen other cities. Both have had ample time to come up with a plan for any outsourcing they might entertain. Or to simply say that outsourcing is off the table with them. I wrote in my column that I would ask this question. The best they could say, however, is that they wouldn’t outsource public safety, which, when pressed, appeared to mean paramedic service.

Oh my. Talk about duck-and-cover. Is this the same Sandy Genis who gets lionized by characters like Vern Nelson at Orange Juice Blog as some fearless, super-knowledgeable Joan of Arc?

Here’s the translation of the non-response from Genis and Stephens: “Yeah, we KNOW we’ll have to outsource. We KNOW we can’t go back to the way things were and keep everything internal and give the unions what they want. But we just CAN’T SAY IT because we need the union and anti-Riggy forces support, or else we don’t have a prayer.”

4 Responses to “Costa Mesa: Anti-Outsourcing Candidates Genis and Stephens Duck Outsourcing Question”

  1. Dunphy said

    Genis is just another ditzy liberal. If the numbers for insourcing vs. outsourcing are correctly and honestly presented, she has no argument — but count on her to make one up.

  2. I was there, and wasn’t even planning to write about it. Great event. You people should go to things like this, so you don’t have to just depend on the Register’s Cigar-Chomping Courtier-Columnist, who – surprise, surprise – has himself a man-crush on the “tough guy” contingent.

    And yet … you and Frank are right. St Wonkita should have had a better answer to that question. Are there SOME jobs or departments that should be outsourced in her view, or NONE? I’m sure she knows an answer, but maybe she’s just being a smart politician for now. I’ll ask her again myself, after I hear the tape again. I do remember that John Stephens came up with “payroll” so the Courtier-Columnist wasn’t entirely accurate.

    One place the Courtier-Columnist was WAY off base and dishonest was when he wrote that the victory of Wonkita’s slate would “risk the city’s slipping back into the don’t-ruffle-any-feathers malaise that led it and just about every other city to give police and fire pensions that allow them to retire at age 50 at 90 percent of their highest (sometimes overtime-spiked) annual salary.” Sandy’s tenure in office (1988-96) was marked by budget surpluses and tough-nosed but fair negotiations with the public employee associations. She would NEVER have supported 3% at 50.

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