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Live Blogging Tonight From Central Committee

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on August 20, 2012

Nguyen was attacked by a dog yesterday, so as a reward to readers you are stuck with me for the week. Chris will be ok, but I suggest avoiding him around a full moon for the next couple of months just to be safe.

Tonight will be the beginning of what I like to call “endorsement fun” with the OC GOP having a list of 31 names of people to endorse. I am hearing rumors that Irvine Councilman Steven Choi may lose the endorsement over his recent vote to ban plastic bags and his previous voter for 3% @ 50 for the police.

Other small controversies include rumors that two Yorba Linda Councilmembers have possibly taken some union money and whether or not Jim Silva is willing to let a former opponent slip through for an endorsement in a race for Huntington Beach City Council.

We will keep you posted tonight and I would predict that at least one wild thing will happen.

6 Responses to “Live Blogging Tonight From Central Committee”

  1. Allen J. Wilson said

    I have posted over at Twitter regarding @OCPolitical will be blogging the OCGOP Meeting tonight.

  2. What time, Chris?

  3. Thank you Allen.

    Jeff, Meeting is supposed to start at 7:00 but sometimes has been known to start late.

  4. Better choices in the 72nd said

    Will Troy Edgar blow off his 6pm Los Al City Council meeting tonight and go beg for an endorsement for the race in AD72?

    Edgar’s Council minority is trying to PROSECUTE him for his dealings with his trash haulers. He cost the City $215k in a settlement for all this scheming and millions over the long run by giving the business to his buds at Consolidated Disposal. As well, this was all managed through Brett Barbre, his campaign manager.

    Taxin’ Troy also his this to answer for: http://tinyurl.com/8fffqs6.

  5. Debbie McEwen said

    Tino Rivera was one of the first candidates that Miguel Pulido FAILED to get elected. It started the downward slide

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