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Dwyer Endorsed by OCGOP for Huntington Beach Council; Hart (Santa Ana Council) and Iglesias (Santa Ana Unified) Delayed Until September

Posted by Chris Nguyen on August 20, 2012

Devin Dwyer was endorsed by the OCGOP for Huntington Beach Council. Charles Hart’s endorsement for Santa Ana City Council and the endorsement of Cecilia Iglesias for Santa Ana Unified School District were delayed until September.

My hand injury impeded me from blogging those three endorsement debates. For more info on those, see Emami’s “The Time Has Come” post.

Also, to answer Emami’s question, Tino Rivera came in third in 2006 when he ran for Santa Ana City Council, Ward 2, for the seat that Michele Martinez won.

4 Responses to “Dwyer Endorsed by OCGOP for Huntington Beach Council; Hart (Santa Ana Council) and Iglesias (Santa Ana Unified) Delayed Until September”

  1. Allan Bartlett said

    I have to say that Devin Dwyer’s argument that he used tonight about a plastic bag getting sucked into his boat engine and costing him $25,000 was the lamest argument to justify his vote before Central Committee since well…..John Campbell’s justification of his elitist TARP vote a few months ago. At least he didn’t lose the endorsement over this.

  2. Chris Nguyen for Blogger of the Year said

    I saw Chris Nguyen’s hand at Central Committee. That thing looked messed up. Yet somehow, he still managed to pump out FIVE blog posts before his “hand injury impeded” him from writing more posts. If there’s a Blogger of the Year award, give it to Chris Nguyen.

  3. Wow said

    How the heck did Nguyen write more details than Emami did on Fullerton and Irvine when Nguyen had a disabled hand and Emami had two good hands?

  4. A Democrat’s wry account of the event:


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