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Roseanne Barr/Cindy Sheehan Win Peace and Freedom Party Nomination for White House

Posted by Chris Nguyen on August 6, 2012

Peace and Freedom Party Presidential Nominee Roseanne Barr

Peace and Freedom Party Presidential Nominee Roseanne Barr

In an odd turn of events over the weekend, actress Roseanne Barr and liberal activist Cindy Sheehan won the Peace and Freedom Party’s nomination for President and Vice President.

Just two months ago, Barr had been defeated for the Green Party presidential nomination by Massachusetts physician Jill Stein when the latter won the crucial California primary, clinching enough delegates to win the nomination.  Last month, Green Party watchers speculated that Stein would pick Barr to be her running mate, but that came to naught when Stein picked Pennsylvanian Cheri Honkala.

This past week proved most eventful for left-wing third parties.  On Wednesday, the Green Party’s Stein and Honkala were both jailed for a sit-in at a Philadelphia bank.  The next day, Barr jumped the Green Party ship and announced that she was the seeking the Peace and Freedom Party’s nomination for President and had selected Cindy Sheehan as her running mate.  Shortly after Barr’s announcement, Rocky Anderson, who had won the Peace and Freedom Party’s California primary, withdrew from the race.  Then, Barr and Sheehan won the Peace and Freedom nomination at their convention over the weekend.

The Peace and Freedom Party’s incredibly generous rules do not require their nominee “to run in the primary or be a registered party member,” State Party Chair C.T. Weber told the Sacramento Bee.

The Peace and Freedom Party, which calls itself “California’s Feminist Socialist Political Party,” has ballot access in California and Florida.  The party is also seeking ballot access in several other states.  Might I suggest Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Wisconsin, or Iowa?

This entire episode leaves two important questions:

  1. Is there still time for Barr to seek the presidential nomination of The Rent Is Too Damn High Party in New York?
  2. Since President Barack Obama’s campaign has already run hit ads on Mitt Romney featuring Romney singing America the Beautiful, will Jill Stein’s campaign run hit ads on Roseanne Barr featuring Barr singing The Star-Spangled Banner?

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