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Councilman David Benavides Running For Santa Ana Mayor

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on July 30, 2012

Update 2:03 PM- The video appears to be back up and running and I have now been able to find the David Benavides for Mayor website which you can view here.

Update 10:43 AM- It appears that the video is no longer up for public viewing.

It appears that Mayor Miguel Pulido will have an extremely difficult challenge this November with David Benavides announcing that he is running for Mayor.

There is a video that just went up as of today with him confirming the announcement. We do not have a lot of information as of this minute but we will be updating it as information becomes available.

Here is the video

2 Responses to “Councilman David Benavides Running For Santa Ana Mayor”

  1. junior said

    Chris – The link leads to a private video – not acessible.

    • Junior,

      It appears that the privacy settings have been increased on the video. I have left the link up in case the Benavides team decides to make it visible again.

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