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Brett Franklin enters race for Santa Ana Council

Posted by Thomas Gordon on July 16, 2012

Today is the official start to campaign filing season, both here in Santa Ana and up and down the state.

As it stood this morning Santa Ana was looking at a race between Charles Hart and Eric Aldrete. It’s not yet known if Carlos Bustamante who currently represents Ward 3 will seek re-election.

Just announced via an email that declared Santa Ana is in crisis, Former Ward 3 Council member Brett Franklin announced his entry into the race as well.

Rumors and speculation abounds about other potential candidates declaring for Ward 3 including SAUSD Trustee John Palacios and gossip blogger Art Pedroza.

We will keep you posted.

4 Responses to “Brett Franklin enters race for Santa Ana Council”

  1. Repulsed said

    To what extremes will Pulido go to be Mayor for life. Just when you think you’ve backed the weasel into a corner he finds yet another weak, climbing, wanna be, who will do his bidding.
    This stinks of Pulido, you can smell it a mile off!
    When will this STOP being about politics and politicians and start being about this City and its residents
    The City is in horrific financial straits, sorry Council, but just cutting every possible quility of life, and safety program and retiring half the work force does not count as a solution…..Duh
    Sorry Pulido, this City deserves something more than a head bobbing, yes man for you. When Brett was on council he had way too many “conflicts” Not only the ones from campaign contributions, but also those created by his local real estate business. We need someone who can play along, not be excused for half the important issues over conflicts.

  2. junior said

    I like Brett – I think that he is a very level headed person.
    i hope that he is not aligned with Pulido as some have suggested.

  3. Cleared for Takeoff said

    Hey Gordon, how about actually reporting the when the “season” ends and if the city is required to publish who’s pulled papers for each Ward. You’re being lazy with the information.

    • Fountain Valley Weirdo said


      Why aren’t you blogging about Troy Edgar. Us Fountain Valley people want to read about Troy Edgar and all the horrible things he has done, it makes me happy. I want to make it clear that I am not Soup Can Sam.

      Three things to know about me.

      Really dislike Troy Edgar
      Overly despise Janet Nguyen
      You are not in a position to argue with me

      Ready to move on from this blog

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