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Say No to Taxes, Yes to Regulatory Reform: Steel Newsletter for June, 2012

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on July 1, 2012

This came over the wire from Board of Equalization Member Michelle Steel’s office on Thursday…

The Michelle Steel Newsletter

“Fighting for California Taxpayers”

Michelle Steel: Fighting for California Taxpayers


Dear Friends:
As a new fiscal year approaches, the majority in Sacramento has once again left us with a dishonest, gimmick-ridden budget. The budget begins $8.5 billion out of balance, unless we vote to increase taxes on ourselves in November. Those tax increases will make it harder to find jobs and grow businesses, and more expensive to buy the items we need to live in this state. This is the wrong direction for our state.

To make matters even worse, the budget had proposed a new 1 percent tax on wood products sold in California. This new tax, which I wrote about in the Press-Enterprise, would have dealt a blow to our state’s struggling housing industry, and made an untold number of wood products – anything from furniture to tools with wooden handles – more expensive. The tax was meant to cover the costs of timber regulations – the most restrictive in the nation – and therefore avoid the much needed reform of our burdensome regulatory environment. If passed, the wood products tax could have opened the door to a whole range of new taxes to pay for the regulatory costs of countless individual industries.

Fortunately, it appears that tax did not make it into the final budget, but it is a sign of how far the politicians are willing to go to take more of our money and spend it on increased government control of our lives.

This failed budget should be yet one more reminder that too many policymakers are not serious about getting government under control. What we need is not new taxes and more schemes to keep this bloated government afloat, but real reform to balance the books and end the regulations that are killing our economy.

As always, I am honored to serve as your taxpayer advocate. If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours truly,
Michelle Steel: Taxpayer Advocate
Michelle Steel
Vice Chair
California State Board of Equalization

In The News

STATE: Beware Costly New Tax on Wood

(Op-Ed, The Press-Enterprise)

California Cuts Some Alcohol Taxes 94%

(Jan Normam, Orange County Register )

Statewide Taxable Sales Up in First Quarter 2011

(Mike Evans, Big Bear News KBHR 93.3)

California Launches Sales Tax Website

(Jan Norman, Orange County Register)

Measure to Fight Underground Economy Advances

(Jan Norman, Orange County Register)

Upcoming Taxpayer Events

On July 10th, I will be welcoming taxpayers to Cal State Fullerton’s seventh annual Summer School for Nonprofits. The 10th is the first day of this four-day event. In addition to the free tax seminar, the program will include sessions on conflict resolution, leadership, marketing, building donors, special events, grant writing, risk management and supervising volunteers. Attendees can register for any or all four days.

If you are interested in this great event, you can find more information at this website: http://calstate.fullerton.edu/news/2012su/Nonprofit-Summer-School.asp

Please check the BOE’s website for more upcoming seminars:http://www.boe.ca.gov/info/VirtualSeminars/seminars_inperson.htm


Introducing eReg

Doing Business Just Got Easier with eReg

Starting or doing business in California just got easier with eReg, the Board of Equalization’s (BOE) new secure electronic registration system. The user-friendly service offers a convenient, fast, and free way to apply online for a permit, license, or account.

Both the state and taxpayers will benefit from the added convenience, reduced administrative cost, and fewer errors in processing, provided by eReg. By saving time and money through eReg, business owners will be able to take their minds off tax forms and to focus on running the businesses that create jobs for California.

Beginning June 18, 2012, users can access eReg from the BOE’s secure website – any time day or night – to apply for a seller’s permit, pay use tax, and register for other tax and fee programs. Answer a few simple questions and the system works to guide the user through the process of getting the permits, licenses, or accounts needed. If users don’t have time to finish the application process, it’s no problem – they can save their application and return later to finish it. In addition, eReg allows you to:

Register for a special tax or fee account such as International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) accounts and Cigarette and Tobacco Products Retailer’s Licenses
Add a new business location
Easily make use tax payments
View the status of your account(s) online
Access helpful reference materials, forms, and publications

Find out more exciting information about eReg from our short video at:youtube/yajs02na

For a comprehensive list of features and to learn how eReg can help you, visit: www.boe.ca.gov/elecsrv/ereg/index.html.

From mobile applications to online seminars, the tools you need to help your business succeed are just a click away.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

In this Issue…
In the News 

Upcoming Events 
An update on taxpayer education events coming up in July.

Introducing eReg 
New web service allows taxpayers to apply for permits and pay their taxes online.

Steel speaks with Navy veteran John Czick and Leisure World resident Mary Powell at Leisure World’s 50th Anniversary Parade.

Steel, with Seal Beach Mayor Michael Levitt (center), and Congressman Dana Rohrabacher at Leisure World’s 50th Anniversary Parade.

District Office
550 Deep Valley Drive, Suite 355
Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274
Phone (310) 377-8016
Fax (310) 377-5731

Capital Office
450 N Street, MIC:77
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone (916) 445-5713
Fax (916) 323-0546


Sign up to Receive Tax Tips and Third District News! 
Sign Me Up for Michelle Steel's Newsletter!

Steel (left), with BOE Chairman Jerome Horton, Randy Silva, Acting Chief of the BOE Investigations and Special Operations Division, and investigator Kris Buckner discuss the effects of the underground economy at the Port of Los Angeles.

The Steel Summary

9th— Steel speaks at the Central Lions Club Installation Banquet.

12th— Steel speaks at Korean American CPA Society of California Conference.

14th— Steel speaks at BOE Chairman Jerome Horton’s 2nd Annual Connecting Women to Power Conference at Cal State Dominguez Hills.

22nd— Steel hosts Rancho Cucamonga Small Business Tax Forum with State Senator Bob Dutton and Board Member George Runner.

26th— Board of Equalization Meeting in Sacramento.

27th— Board of Equalization Meeting in Sacramento.


4th— Independence Day.

10th—Steel welcomes taxpayers to Cal State Fullerton’s seventh annual Summer School for Nonprofits.

12th— Steel attends the Orange County Taxpayers Association Second Annual Roses, Radishes and Royalty Awards Dinner.

24th— Board of Equalization Meeting in Culver City.

25th— Board of Equalization Meeting in Culver City.

26th— Board of Equalization Meeting in Culver City.


Taxpayer Links

Helpful Links for California Taxpayers

Board of Equalization Links

Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate

Electronic Filing (E-Services)

Board of Equalization Forms

Seller’s Permit Application

Verify Permit or License

Homeowner and Renter Taxpayer Assistance Appeal

California Use Tax Form

Claim for Refund Form

Franchise Tax Board Links

Franchise Tax Board Home Page

California Tax Service Center

Forms and Publications

Form 540 & Form 540A



Joel Angeles 
Chief Deputy
Ken Lopez-Maddox
Senior Advisor, Legislation and Policy
Neil Shah
Deputy & Senior Advisor
Arie Dana 
Communications Director
Keith Chatprapachai
Senior Professional Advisor
Peter Kim
Senior Assistant
Rosalyn Vasquez 
Tax Counsel
Ray Morquecho 
District Representative
Tyler Diep 
Senior Advisor
Tim Treichelt 
Tax Counsel III

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