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Orange County Mailbox: CRA Slate Mailer

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on June 2, 2012

CRA has really stepped up their game this year thanks to OC Political author and CRA State Vice-President Craig Alexander. Take a look at this awesome slate mailer that went out throughout Orange County to voters. It is formatted like a newspaper with a list of endorsements and some advertisements.

9 Responses to “Orange County Mailbox: CRA Slate Mailer”

  1. Andy Rooney's Replacement said

    Taxin’ Troy Edgar costs his own city $215k: http://letsfixlosal.com/blog/citizens-accept-consolidated-disposals-settlement-offer/. Go GOP!

  2. I’m disappointed to see the CRA supporting Todd Spitzer over Deb Pauly. As far as I can tell, the “grassroots” voters are lining up behind Pauly because they don’t think Spitzer can be trusted to be tough enough on public employee unions. It would be interesting to know how much, if at all, Spitzer contributed to be included in this mailing and the extent to which public union money was involved in the effort. For a great youtube video that puts Spitzer’s record into perspective, please see http://youtu.be/TsrRppBx85c

  3. Greg Diamond said

    So they really refused to endorse Huff against me? I can’t say that I blame them. I’m surprised about their not endorsing Mimi Walters, though.

    • Huff was endorsed by CRA: https://ocpolitical.com/2012/03/24/live-from-the-oc-cra-convention/ and http://www.californiarepublicanassembly.com/content/cra-endorsements-june-5-2012-election

      There just seems to be a never-ending pattern of the man getting left out of endorsement lists from groups that have endorsed him:

      Mimi Walters and Darrell Issa were also endorsed by CRA but were left off this mailer.

      • Craig P. Alexander said

        Leaving Senators Huff and Walters off the list was an inadvertent error on our part. We at CRA regret this error in leaving them off the list of endorsed candidates. Thank you Chris for noting that we did indeed endorse Senator Huff and Senator Walters for re-election.

        • Greg Diamond said

          It’s OK, Chris — I know that you have to say that.

          I know that the possibly tens of thousands of Republicans who have been won over by my campaign message may not want to share that information with others in the party. I’m OK with that. If you pass another Republican from SD-29 on the street, or see them in a meeting or event, and they break eye contact with you — you’ll just have to conclude that they’re probably supporting me. Please don’t embarrass them by bringing it the subject. I know and they know that it’s hard to break party ranks; I appreciate their support without wanting to rub it in. But — thanks to whoever in the party made the “inadvertent error.” Every little inadvertent error helps!

          • I’ll keep your comments in mind. Though I live in Senator Walters’s district, I do work in Senator Diamond’s district, so I don’t want to embarrass those SD-29 Republicans.

            • Greg Diamond said

              To be fair, Chris, it’s still Senator Huff’s district. You don’t have to call it “Senator Diamond’s district” until December — the same time that Senator Walters’s district because Senator Young’s. Thank you for the inadvertent error!

      • Greg Diamond said

        Chris — I’m pretty sure that that can’t be true. I mean, I’m looking at the official mailer!

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