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Democrat Quirk-Silva Gets $200 from RINO Pat McKinley

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on May 25, 2012

In News that should come as no surprise to anyone RINO Pat McKinley appeared on the campaign finance report of Democrat Sharon Quirk-Silva as a $200 donor. This tells me that McKinley recognizes that he is out the door after the June election.

It should be noted that Kelly’s Army has begun turning on Quirk-Silva because apparently they feel that she used them to attain the Mayorship to give herself a boost for her Assembly campaign.

The $200 check from McKinley was given to the Quirk-Silva campaign on April 6th.

McKinley was police chief for 16 years from 1993-2009 and appears to have been behind the hiring of all of the officers involved in the Kelly Thomas case. Even though he is a Republican, I would argue that he is more liberal than Quirk-Silva in his voting pattern. Bruce Whitaker is truly the gold standard for conservatism in Fullerton. some might even argue that McKinley is the one who created the culture that existed up until recently within the Fullerton Police Department.

Interestingly McKinley is the one who nominated Quirk-Silva to be Mayor. She was selected Mayor unanimously on a 5-0 voice vote (one of the few mistakes that Bruce Whitaker has made in my opinion). Whitaker might have been hoodwinked on this one though, because in fairness Quirk-Silva did nominate Whitaker to be Mayor Pro Tem though the motion was defeated 3-2.

Quirk- Silva is in a tight race for the Assembly against well known Republican Chris Norby. A contribution from McKinley is not a great thing to have turn up in her reports. (In the effort of full disclosure, Custom Campaigns has been hired to do some website work for the Norby campaign).

5 Responses to “Democrat Quirk-Silva Gets $200 from RINO Pat McKinley”

  1. Unaccountable said

    On moral and good character issues alone, she’s got a good chance against Norby.

    • PS said

      On moral and good character issues alone, they both have a better chance than Travis Allen.

      • Jaso was her name said

        Sharon Q Silva is not a moral woman by any means. Plus, she has lost many friends and supporters by using them like toilet paper and tossing them away or worse yet, backstabbing them when they trusted her the most. Pam Keller comes to mind among others, note that Pam did not endorse Sharon.

  2. Allan Bartlett said

    We can thank Ed Royce and Dick Ackerman for vouching and giving us McKinley.

  3. Rafael Polster said

    Many thanks for another greet post. Sustain the great operate.

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